Bastion – Yay or Nay

I will make no secret of my love for Bastion, I have played and finished it on Xbox Live Arcade, iOS, PC and even on the Chrome store as a browser game. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it and I will return to it many times before I die.

So I am not here to tell you about the game, nor am I going to tell you what you should think about it. You can make your own mind up, try various demos, try it in your browser, wherever.

There are many issues people have with remasters; for some it feels like a pointless cash grab, others see them as harming the production of the next AAA game, others simply don’t like paying for content they already own on another system.

Yet, here is Bastion, a game that has been released on pretty much every system out there, bar the ones owned by Sony. There is no PS3 version of this game, that you’d likely already own, so in all fairness, you shouldn’t expect some kind of free upgrade. But hey, if it was on PS3, you can be sure there’d have been a cross-buy option, which is the case with the PS4 release. You’ll also get the Vita version when that too arrives.

As for the updates, there really are none, it is the exact same game you may have already played, so someone coming in fresh isn’t getting any special treatment and if you decide to leave this release alone, you’re not missing out on anything.

In actual fact, it is only a bump up in resolution that really shows, it looks nicer than on iOS and the Chrome store, but really only marginally better than on XBLA and barely any difference to the PC at all.

Much of that comes down to the art style, it is still just as wonderful and striking as the day it first graced us in 2011 during the XBLA Summer of Arcade. For me it was one of the first games that really showed just how amazing an Indie title can actually look and what can be done when a developer gets to control their own content.

So listen, Bastion isn’t for everyone, there isn’t much I can sell you on if you have finished the game already and I know everyone isn’t the same as me with their love for this great title. But to have it on another platform, where it can potentially find a new audience? That makes this verdict easy.