Rayman Legends Review

Rayman is back, which can mean one of two things. Either another spin off with annoying Rabbid type things. Or some more platforming greatness. Luckily it is the latter of the two. Rayman Legends hopes to be everything Origins was and more.  When Gamestyle finished Rayman Origins, we were left wanting more it was an …

Hitman Absolution review

The Hitman series is held in very high regard by fans. Blood Money is seen as the pinicle of the series. It is six years since the release of Blood Money and fans have been desperate for a fresh dose of their favourite hired hitman, Agent 47. Since then, there has been a film based on the game, but that was awful, so when a new title was announced the hype machine was in full flow, IO Interactive, on new hardware, it was hard not to get excited.