War for the Overworld Review

One of the earliest games I remember throwing hours into on my first PC was Dungeon Keeper. I had played other games of course, but something about Dungeon Keeper just grabbed me. Back in the days when I couldn’t pick Peter Molyneux out of a crowd, or paying to dig a block would ruin everything.

Nearly 20 years ago! Time really does fly doesn’t it? Now, we cannot trust a word that Mr Molyneux says and the Dungeon Keeper name has been completely destroyed by some really immoral pay to play ethics. A return of Dungeon Keeper should have been a glorious thing.

Thank the Devil then for Subterranean Games and their title War for the Overworld which is the true sequel to Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, in fact it takes its name from the subtitle of the cancelled Dungeon Keeper 3.

Let us call a spade a spade here, this IS Dungeon Keeper 3 in all but name, a quick look at the history of the development of both this and the cancelled DK3 will make that blatantly obvious and oh what a joy it is.

For anyone who has played a Dungeon Keeper, you will feel right at home, the core concepts remain faithful to what you will remember, the controls are like riding a bike and overall the game feels like putting on your favourite pair of lounge pants and sitting in your favourite armchair. It just has that comforting feeling that everything is right with the world.

You know the drill. You start with a core dungeon, that you then dig out to expand…all in real time, not having to pay for the pleasure to do so, or wait 165 days, or whatever you’d need to on the EA mobile release. You then build your dungeon out further, attract more minions, build rooms, prisons, training areas, etc to make your disciples better, stronger, faster.

You use them to build out yet further, whilst at the same time trying to take down enemies who dare to advance on your creations. It plays properly in real time, so you need to be thinking on your feet at all time, making split second decisions that can make or break your game at any one time.

Look, it is Dungeon Keeper, so just jump in and settle into the underworld and have fun!!

A few things to add, which are the reasons this has taken a while to come to a conclusion about the game. It is constantly being updated and improved, bugs are being ironed out, things are being balanced and much, much more.

Now whilst this is nice to see, a developer supporting their game in such a way after launch, it does feel like it should still have an Early Access label to it. Game crashes have ruined many a play session, but thankfully these are becoming less and less frequent. The UI is a bit of a mess and there are still a lot of placeholders all over the place.

There are also a fair few parts that are locked out right now, with things like Survival Mode coming later down the line. Now credit to Subterranean Games, they are honest about this, but to the outsider this is a game being sold on Steam as a finished product. If it still had the Early Access tag and was being worked on in the way it is, then I’d be screaming from the rooftops about how you should be getting this…RIGHT NOW!

As it is, I feel the game should come with a warning. It is everything you want from a true successor to Dungeon Keeper, but for most people, you may be better off waiting until it is finally finished. I can only really say that if you are that desperate to get you some Dungeon Keeping action, then pick it up.

There is a lot of potential here and when it is finished, it will be absolutely essential, but as it is? It is for those who REALLY need a game like this in their life and want to show support to the developers.