Unmechanical Extended Review

In Unmechanical, you play as a robot, one who does not speak but simply plods along on its merry way towards the goal, to find your friend who got sucked into the machine. There is no text or speech throughout the entire game. A wholly silent narrative. The game has been available on iOS & PC for some time now (actually, a few years having been released in 2012) and has just been released on PS3, PS4, XB1 & Vita.

Controls in this game are as simple as the story, you propel yourself along and you have a small tractor beam with which you can carry & drop objects from point A to point B as required. Easy eh! Well…

The developers of Unmechanical, Talawa Games & Grip Games, have managed to create a puzzle game with a clever, yet silent story. The puzzles range from simple puzzles, such as the early ‘Simon Says’ type puzzle with different coloured lights. Simple? Oh yes, but later on the puzzles can really provide a challenge. Thankfully there is a hint system in the game for those who feel the need for a little helpful nudge to get you on your merry way again.

Visuals in the game are a somewhat muted affair, lots of silver & machinery with electronics. Not unsurprising given the name of the game really. This is not to say the graphics are bad, in fact each area you find yourself in is always interesting to look at, exploring each section with your silent partner in crime floating along.

So what exactly is different in this release? Puzzles are less obtuse as some were before, with smaller game areas & less challenges.

Overall, Unmechanical Extended is a lovely way to spend a few hours lost in a silent world taxing those brain cells with an adorable main character too. Something to play as a family, definitely.