Trine 2: The Complete Story Review

There have been but a few Indie titles released day one on PS4, Trine 2: The Complete Story is one of them

Trine 2 is a platforming puzzle game from Frozenbyte who debuted the original game back in 2009. Trine has physic based puzzles which will have you scratching your head from time to time.

In Trine 2 you start the game with three characters which are interchangable at any time, a thief wielding a bow & arrow and a grappling hook, a magician who can summon boxes and planks at any time to use and a knight with a sword, hammer and shield for those awkward moments where you need to bash a wall down on occasion. The choice of who you use to get to your goal is entirely up to you although certain puzzles will require using a certain character. Switching between characters is quick and easy with merely a tap of one of the shoulder buttons. Controls themselves are incredibly intuitive too, summoning boxes for example as the magician requires you to make a shape on the PS4 touchpad which is a really nice gesture then moving them around the environment.

The game is simple in its design, you start on the left of the level and work your way to the right with puzzles throughout, these range from the fairly straightforward to the slightly perplexing although always enjoyable.

Something must be said about the games visuals, from the very beginning Trine 2 is absolutely incredible to view. Colour, light and shade is used to great effect. Quite often I found myself simply stopping and standing, enjoying the view as the game has been beautifully drawn, running at 1080p and 60fps and stereoscopic 3D to boot. Boss fights in the game are quite something too visually. To really appreciate this game it really must be seen to be believed. Frozenbyte have created a dazzling fantasy world with this game. From curled vines, bright red sunsets to sleepy snails, this game is simply beautiful.

Multiplayer is also supported in Trine 2 with both local and online available meaning that up to three people can play allowing collaborative play on the puzzles in the game. Multiplayer works very well and is a welcome addition too.

In essence, Trine 2 offers little different from its predecessor with physics based puzzles waiting for you around every turn yet it pulls all the elements together to seemingly allow you to forgive any of its problems, such as glitching into and behind a platform forcing you to restart back at the last checkpoint. Checkpoints themselves come often so at least you wont lose too much time trying to make up lost ground when this happens.

Overall, Trine 2: The Complete Story is a solid puzzle platform game which offers stunning vistas and co op play to boot. Even if you played this on XBLA or PSN, then it is still worth picking up, for the gorgeous visual upgrade alone.

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