The Golf Club Collector’s Edition Review

I have sat here for almost an hour procrastinating, with a blank page and no idea how to open up this review of The Golf Club Collector’s Edition. Which is why I wrote the last few words, as I hope it flows into something.

You see I have already reviewed The Golf Club and I really liked it, I felt it was a solid sim that did away with all the fluff that the EA golf games added and that hasn’t changed one bit. You can read it in the link just a few words back.

That is what makes the Collector’s Edition so difficult to score. It is the same game as before, all up to date with the patches and the DLC thrown in for good measure. It still plays a damned fine game of golf, the course editor is still wonderful to use and there are still all the various tournaments and tours, both online and off. Yep it is still a good game.

One new addition I suppose I can mention is the handicap system, which arrived fairly late in the day. Your handicap will be calculated over a number of rounds to set an initial number, then as you play, your handcap is continually monitored and calculated each and every time you play.

It works really well too, as it means players who aren’t so confident on the courses, can still compete with those who have mastered the game. Again though, there is no over the top promotion of this humble feature, it is just there, in the background, occasionally letting you know how you are progressing.

With all the content from the original release and subsequent DLC included, the Collector’s Edition brings the number of official courses to 20, but because of the amazing course editor, the number of actual courses is nigh on limitless.

There are some really faithful recreations of famous courses out there too and they are well worth hunting down. It goes without saying there are a fair few rubbish courses created out there, but because of the way the course designer works, by giving you a solid opening template, these are few and far between. That mixed with a pretty decent rating system will see you being able to avoid them with ease.

I bought The Golf Club on PS4 at the time of the original release and have since picked up the extra content, I also have it on the PC but without the extra content (bless those sales) and if I am being honest, if you have the game in any capacity whatsoever then really there is no point in you buying The Collector’s Edition, just update and grab the new content much cheaper.

However, if you don’t own it or you want the game fresh on another platform, then this is easily the way to go. It can be picked up for less than £30 in most places, even on the high street and with Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour being a huge disappointment this year this is certainly the golf game of choice.