Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 – Escape Plan Bravo Review

Continuing Rhys and Fiona’s hunt for the Gortys pieces (and in turn leading them to a vault), and again all being recounted in flashbacks to their masked captor, this episode plays out almost like a heist movie. The Gortys piece being located deep inside a Hyperion space station. Obviously, in space and under heavy guard. Requiring a rather brilliant planning sequence where everything goes off without a hitch. Obviously, the real heist won’t be as lucky.

The trademark humour is still present and once again, like the last episode, does a better job than in the first couple. Gortys is still as endearing as ever and Episode 4 continues the trend of having one of the best opening credits scenes not just in Telltale Games history, but all games. It’s really that good with an amazing song choice that gels with the on screen comedy perfectly.

A good mix of action and storytelling, there is however one slight comedic mishap. There’s a running gag involving Hyperion workers using their fingers as fake guns, which in turn leads to a ridiculously long QTE sequence that is supposed to be funny but just ends up falling flat. Probably because Gortys and Loaderbot aren’t involved, the two robotic sidekicks being at the forefront of all the best gags. There’s also a little bit of sadness mixed in with a change in tone that could’ve felt out of place, but really works with the scene it’s placed in.

If there’s one way Telltale is to be praised for their recent output it’s that they’re finally getting to grips with console hardware in a way they haven’t before. It looks great with none of that hideous slowdown as it transitioned scenes like in previous games. Which is a blessing for a game like Borderlands where the action is prominent, if it loses the smoothness during those scenes then the game would quickly fall apart.

As the penultimate episode, Escape Plan Bravo mostly succeeds at setting the stage for the finale. But as has been the case for a lot of the series, as someone who has tried the vast majority of Telltale’s recent output, fatigue has started to set in.