Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Ultimate Edition Review

It is becoming a bit of a trend of late. The re-release of games with homes previously on PS3 and PS Vita, finding their way to the PS4. Flower, Flow, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan, all came around in 2013 and there is also the upcoming OlliOlli and Hotline Miami, both already on the PS Vita. Another to follow suit is Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark.

At Gamestyle, we loved the Vita release, it is a fantastic mix of platforming and puzzle and you can read our review here. So we’ll leave actually reviewing the overall game, as what you get on PS4 is pretty much an identical game. Well, with a couple of little additions.

Aside from the original game, you also get the two expansion DLC packs. The Teleport Chambers and The Lost Clones, which again a great to play and well worth sinking your time in to.

The question is though, is it worth going for the PS4 edition? Well that depends, unlike Hotline Miami, Flower, etc this isn’t cross-buy, to if you have it on the Vita or PS3, you’ll still need to pay out to get the PS4 version. Thankfully it is a game that has great replayability, but as we found between the PS3 and Vita versions, it was a much better experience on the handheld, especially with headphones plugged in.

What we will say though, is if you haven’t got either previous version, then you can’t go wrong with the PS4 release, especially as it already includes all the DLC, even if you have got it on PS3 (more so than Vita) then it may be worth the upgrade if you haven’t yet delved into the DLC.

Maybe it is a case of having been spoiled by cross-buy of late, that makes this a slightly bitter pill to swallow, yet we can fully appreciate the business decision here. Money does need to be made for a studio to continue to produce great content and just adding a game to your existing purchase, whilst nice, doesn’t always make great business sense.

Hotline Miami has a sequel coming, so makes for some good press and brings the game back into the consciousness of the consumer, with earlier games like Sound Shapes, Escape Plan, Flower, it was an added incentive for people to make a decision on a console…you already have games, even if you can only afford the console at launch. It made sense.

There hasn’t been a new Stealth Inc announced, or even hinted at, so to put this up for free isn’t even going to help promote anything. So it really wouldn’t be in Curve Studio’s best interests. It is a shame, but it is good to see gamers getting more and more options for where they can buy some top quality titles. Many may be first timers to the Playstation brand, or returning after a generation with Microsoft’s console, therefore having had the chance to buy the game previously may not have been an option.

Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is still a cracking game, but whether it is essential for you on PS4 comes down to one question. Do you own it already on PS3 or Vita? Do you still have access to those consoles? If yes, then unfortunately this isn’t a must buy, if however you haven’t yet got this…Then go right ahead and pick this up, you won’t regret it.