Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones Review

Welcome to one tough game, here you play as a clone who has escaped right at the beginning, your enemy in the game (apart from the deviously designed levels by Curve Studio) is an obsessed man who simply must be the best at his job.

With cut-scenes throughout the game, your story unfolds gently. You are guided through test chambers via a large overworld in which you must use the gadgets that you earn thoughout your time with Stealth Inc. 2 to traverse levels. Some items allow you to block beams that otherwise would kill you, some enable you to reach those higher platforms to escape the test room. There are others, but the fun is discovering them and their abilities for yourself.

As I mentioned, this game is tough. It is not going to hold your hand throughout, gently guiding you to the eventual exit. You will be scratching your head on several occasions. Stick at it, the reward is always worth it. One thing I did find clever was quite literally, the writing on the wall. The humour in this game is definitely tongue in cheek and marvellously done.

Graphically this game is adorable, there is something incredibly cute about the clones, their dumpy little bodies & goggles that they wear. I found this allows you to become involved with the game very early on as you start to feel responsible for your little clone, willing him to get to the end of the chamber unscathed.

Dying is not an issue either as you restart at a recent checkpoint so you don’t lose too much time or effort getting stuck back in. One point of note is definitely the soundtrack to this game, changing styles throughout as you progress which fits perfectly and quite the lovely thing.

Curve use the gamepad in Stealth Inc. 2 to great effect. You can play through the whole game with a partner, using the gamepad to reveal hidden enemies & hacking terminals together. Playing through in single player is great fun too. Using the gamepad in this way is reminiscent of the Murphy levels from Rayman Legends.

Finally, there is a level editor within the game for all you budding creators out there with a wealth of options to create levels, which you can upload for others to play and vote up or down. Having played some, there are some brilliant creations already out there.

Curve have built on the first game, and made it that much better. Worth a play in any Wii U household.