Scram Kitty DX Review

Well certainly not two, that’s for sure. As Scram Kitty DX doubles my kitty cat quota on my beloved Vita. Scram Kitty DX is a port of a game that once only had its home on the WiiU. Now Scram Kitty’s owner Lady Nintendo, loved her little kitten, but no longer could she give him the attention he needed on her own, so it was with a heavy heart that a new home had to be found.

Scram Kitty wasn’t in the adoption home for too long, as Mr and Mrs P Station came along and fell immediately in love, taking Scram Kitty to their home with wonderful play area to use and a comfortable setting for when he is taken out and about. They gave him the best food money can buy, they took him to a pet groomer every week and he looked healthier and happier than ever before. Scram Kitty was happy.

Okay, so what is Scram Kitty DX?

What we have here is a shooter / platformer. One that blends the genres really well, keeping some of the classical elements of each, but adding just a touch of something new to help make it stand out.

You control Scram Kitty’s buddy who can only move along the predefined rails and must save his pet cat, the aforementioned Scram Kitty, along with all the other cats in the world. It is a very simple concept but what really impresses is how the mechanics merge together to create a wonderful overall experience.

Levels tend to be a full 360 degree arena and are set up to test your platforming abilities, whilst at the same time throwing enemies at you to make your life a living hell. In doing this, at one point makes this become somewhat of a bullet-hell game too.

Having seen some videos before first playing I was worried that this could be something that may well be frustrating to get into, but the mix of pixel perfect controls and a gentle learning curve make for a wonderful introduction that eases you in just at the right level.

Often with games like this, it is that learning curve that can destroy any interest early on, meaning only the most dedicated will get any joy from it, but this is designed to make you a better player, not caring if you are a veteran or a newcomer and the balance is spot on.

That’s not to say that the game is easy, as after a few levels of easing you in, Dakko Dakko then decide to let you off the leash. It is the gaming equivalent of teaching you to ride a bicycle without stabilisers on the Monday, then by the Wednesday putting you on a Ducati 851 and forcing you onto the Autobahn in a real life Road Rash setting.

You know what you have to do, you understand the core concepts and even have a solid handle on them, but you are then out of your comfort zone. You know that there has been a ramp up in difficulty, but you also know that what you are doing is bloody exciting and joyful.

I did wonder if the difficultly ramp up didn’t bother me too much as I am a seasoned gamer, would someone else struggle? So I passed the game to both my son (8) and my partner who doesn’t really do games, both of them embraced the difficulty curve, which shows how well Dakko Dakko approached it.

Games which rely on a special mechanic as their selling point, can often get a bit tired before you reach the end, but Scram Kitty DX introduce new weapons, abilities and enemy types as you progress but at a pacing that means you aren’t overwhelmed, nor bored at any single point.

Scram Kitty getting a new home was the best thing that could have happened, because the world deserves to see this game and it deserves the exposure because this is a proper game that reminded me why I got into gaming in the first place.