Saints Row IV: How The Saints Save Christmas Review

It was always going to be hard for the latest Saints Row IV DLC to live up to the brilliant name. And sadly, live up to it, it hasn’t. Even the worst moments of Saints Row IV are at least aided by its excellent sense of humour, something this DLC is sadly lacking.

Christmas time has arrived for the Saints and the festive cheer is somewhat ruined by the arrival of Future Shaundi who requests your help to rescue Santa from inside the simulation. Cue fighting off gingerbread men, elves and robots all across Steelport and even the North Pole. You’d think with so much material from a billion Christmas movies there’s a ton here to pull from to create a fun, funny adventure. And yet, there’s very little.

A lot of the movie nods (some of which are seen in the trailer) are actually from the last five minutes of the DLC with the majority of time spent doing missions alongside Future Shaundi and Santa Claus. Not particularly interesting ones either, go here, kill some guys, rinse and repeat. The only mission that is remotely different has you pilot a sleigh, delivering presents and generally spreading cheer.

The core Saints Row gameplay insanity is present, and there are the addition of new weapons (Xmas themed dubstep gun!) and vehicles, but it still all feels very rushed. Obviously with a game themed around Christmas this needed to be out of the door as soon as the holiday season approached. Then again maybe it would add to the stupid, dumb world of Saints Row to add more missions, polish and then release it during the Summer.

There’s not really a lot left to say. This is the second (and final) piece of story DLC in the Season Pass and despite Enter the Dominatrix fairing better, as far as post-game content goes it’s all been a little underwhelming. It’s also incredibly short, half the time of Enter the Dominatrix with only three missions, making the stand-alone price tag of £5.49 quite laughable. As big fans of Saints Row IV it saddens us to say it, but this DLC is best avoided.