Roundabout Review

Well, technically it still is, because this is more Crazy Limo! Actually, it is less like Crazy Taxi and more like GBA classic Kuru Kuru Kururin. Remember that? Hopefully some of you do, because it was and still is a fantastic game.


The idea behind the game (and I can’t believe I need to avoid spoilers here) is that you take on the role of Georgio Manos, the worlds first revolving limousine driver, who gets a job driving a limo in the town of Roundabout…yeah that is all you’re getting here, that is all you need, just go with it. The story is wonderfully stupid.

It’s not just the story itself, it is they way it is presented. Georgio Manos herself never talks and just communicates in a series of looks and facial expressions, whilst her passengers each have a wonderful amount of character themselves. Every interaction is done using full motion video. Imagine Wing Commander or C&C Red Alert but actually done well. There is a certain B-Movie element to the video which also fits in wonderfully with the tone of the game.


That alone is enough reason to have this game, because it is just spectacular and genuinely funny. It is however backed up by some really well made game mechanics.


The basics of the game are simple, you take your revolving limo throughout the world, looking for quests and then completing the quests. Most of these amount to going from checkpoint to checkpoint avoiding obstacles in the quickest time possible. You can repeat each quest as many times as you want, as each one has a series of requirements to beat it 100%. These include things like completing under a par time, taking no damage, etc.

You can also get scores, multipliers and other such things, by hitting cones, collecting stars and also mowing down pedestrians. It’s not gruesome at all and all fits in the with the comical styling of the overall tone of the game. As you progress there are also upgrades to your limo that are vital to your progression, as you’ll find out soon enough.


There are also various challenges that you can complete and tons to unlock, such as hats for your limo, new horns and new skins. Aside from that there are also various elements you can turn on and off in the options menu that will just change the way the game plays.

Most of these are just for fun, such as replacing the horn with fart noises, turning off blood, turning run down pedestrians to gold statues, or others that change the game, such as permadeath, which will boot you back to the title screen and one hit mode which sees you explode with your first mistake. It adds a small amount of longevity, but adds to the already wonderful fun. Although there so far seems to be one omission that I saw on the PC and that is the First Person mode, which is just as it says. You play Roundabout in first person from the eyes of Georgio Manos herself. It is stupid, it is hard and it makes you feel sick, but it is a shame it isn’t there.


What I found most impressive about Roundabout, is that despite the simple mechanics, I was never feeling short changed, nor was it a one trick pony that became dull too soon. The challenge does get harder, but your abilities also improve, meaning it strikes a perfect balance throughout.


There is so character running through this game, that it will stay with you long after you finish and it’ll also leave you longing for more as you cannot help but be charmed by everything on offer. It is big dumb, stupid fun and I love it.


It takes a lot of skill to beat Roundabout fully, but you’ll have tons of fun doing so, the world is silly, as are the videos which tie it all together and despite having no actual lines of dialogue Georgio Manos is already my shout for character of the year 2015.