Riptide GP2 Review

Yep, Riptide GP2 is a game that immediately throws up a whole bunch of red flags as to why you should be avoiding this game like the plague. So let us have a quick look at them shall we?

1. Where is the original?

That’s a good question, a game is being released on the Xbox One without a known original? Well unless you are aware of the mobile release that is…Wait! What? Is that another red flag right away?

2. It’s a port of a mobile game?

Yes indeed, Riptide GP2 is a port of a fairly successful game that was created for mobile devices, such was this success, it was decided to bring it to current gen consoles for just £4.99.

3. Less than £5? Really? That doesn’t sound good.

Well, no I suppose it doesn’t really, as we have a sequel, which is a port of a mobile game, costing less than £5 and being released to no fanfare whatsoever. So you’re best off avoiding it right?

WRONG! To do so would be denying yourself a fantastic game that offers terrific value for money. A game that is pure arcade fun and has its focus in just that…fun! It is over the top in many ways and doesn’t care about perfect physics or simulation. In fact, when you play it, you might have a feeling you have played something very similar in the past.

Well that is because you have, because this is from Vector Unit, the team that brought you Hydro Thunder Hurricane on XBLA , the sequel to the amazing Hydro Thunder. This is quite simply the closest you are getting to those game on current gen consoles at this moment and you should be grateful for that.

It’s all there, stunning course, amazing visuals, challenging but satisfying gameplay and a sense of speed and inertia that just feels right. Vector Unit have a good pedigree behind them and it shows in Riptide GP2.

There isn’t loads of content here, you can pretty much burn through the single player in a few hours, but you can then play local splitscreen with up to 6 players, which is when things get interesting. You, five friends, snacks, drinks and a bloody good time. A real throwback to the 90’s and one that is more than welcome.

In the single player modes you have a basic career progression, where you take on various events that reward you stars (don’t forget this was a mobile game) that you can use to upgrade abilities and your ride. The better you do, the more you earn. The events are split between races, time trials and style events.

Style events are a great way to learn the various tricks you can do and unlock, as doing these in a race will earn you a boost, but repeating the same tricks over and over will also see your boost effects lessened.

It really cannot be underestimated just how much fun there is to be had in Riptide GP2, it is really the surprise early release of 2015 and we cannot recommend it enough.

All of a sudden that less than £5 red flag doesn’t matter, you can’t quite believe it ONLY cost £4.99 because you would have payed more than that, because it is worth much more than that. It feels like it has been made with a lot more care and attention than most big budget titles from last year and it has found a deserving home on current gen consoles.