OMG HD Zombies Review

OMG HD Zombies is a remake of the PS Minis title OMG Zombies. As you can guess it has had the HD treatment for the PS Vita. 

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Velocity Ultra, The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character and other minis, this is essentially more of the same but in native format for the Vita. Which whether you own the originals or not are worth having just for the looks alone.

OMG HD Zombies is a puzzle game where the idea is to create chains of exploding zombies by firing your weapon at them. Each zombie has a different ability that has a different effect on the chain. Players need to work out the positioning of the zombies, the type of zombies in the level, the layout of the level and the upgrades they may have earned to create the largest chain possible and hopefully rid each level of 100% of zombies.

The concept whilst solid does leave a little to luck as well as judgement. The biggest frustration is that a level will have a slightly different layout of where zombies are, so there is no way to work out the best possible combination of shots across various attempts. This means that whilst aiming in the same area may clear 55% of zombies in one go, the next time it may clear 91% it adds an element of randomness that does away with the puzzle element somewhat. That said, it is a minor frustration and replaying levels doesn’t tend to bother you, as you’ll soon find you have lost a lot of time whilst trying to clear each level.

Depending on how well you do on each level, you are awarded with a bronze, silver or gold medal (plus a special medal for clearing 100%) and a cash prize. Medals earned open up new levels and money can be used to buy upgrades. The upgrades really work well in OMG HD Zombies too, as not only can you upgrade your weapon, to give effects such as more power, but you can also upgrade barrels so the explosions are greater and affect more zombies. You can also upgrade the various zombie types so that their abilities have better affects. Such as the soldier zombies who when killed will shoot off bullets, upgrading them will see the bullets take extra deflections.

Controls are split, you can either use the touch screen, or the analogue stick and buttons. By using the touch screen you simply touch the zombie you wish to shoot and watch the chain. Using the physical option means you aim with the analogue stick then press the face buttons to make the shot. With the zombies being quite small on the screen, it can be awkward to touch the right one, especially if they are in a huge crowd, so the physical controls instantly become the best method. The only issue here though, is that the menus are touch screen only, there really needs to be the option to switch to physical controls here too, but in all fairness that is just being picky.

There are loads of levels each with slightly different themes and layouts, so despite the simplicity of the concept there are a good few hours of gameplay here, especially if you plan on getting 100% on each level. Doing so isn’t easy either, as there will be times when you’ll hit a massive chain, have two bullets left, but have three zombies to kill who are not even close to each other. The OMG HD Zombies version of a 7-10 Split. But getting 100% feels great and gives a sense of achievement.

Overall OMG HD Zombies is a fun little time waster, it has a mix of touch screen controls or physical controls, depending on player preference. Despite the randomness of layouts on levels, when you hit a mammoth chain the feeling is great. Laughing Jackal have a fine game here and one that should have a pennant home on your Vita.