LEGO Jurassic World Review

It feels like it has been ages since we last saw a LEGO game, but looking back it has only been 8 months. That’s not long at all really, but such was the frequency in 2013/2014 an 8 month gap feels like an eternity.

That gap though has been heaven sent, because despite loving the LEGO games, there really was a sense of fatigue. LEGO Batman 3 was a very good title, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go for 100% completion like I had in previous games. Purely because there was only so much LEGO one could take in such a short space of time.

Here we are now though, with the release of LEGO Jurassic World and I have to say it feels good to be back into it. As for the most part it follows the tried and tested formula of any other LEGO game. Much like putting on your favourite pair of slippers, you feel comfortable the second you pick up the controller.

Now what excited me most about LEGO Jurassic World, wasn’t that it was a new game, but that it was based around Jurassic Park (well and the other films) and I love Jurassic Park, it still blows me away to this very day just how amazing it looks. Oh and that theme, how that theme song resonates with me.

So after a few minutes, imagine my joy when I hear the music of John Williams fading in. I challenge anyone not to get goosebumps hearing it, or to not hum along. It is perfect, perfect, perfect!

But hey! It doesn’t matter how much I love John Williams’ score, because I can listen to it anywhere, it still needs a good solid game behind it to make this a worthwhile acquisition. Thankfully for the most part it is just that.

The main hub is essentially the layout of the park, you can move around it fairly freely and the attention to detail from the original film is truly impressive. Fans of the Steven Spielberg masterpiece will instantly recognise the various locales from the movie and will fall for the LEGOfication of the world around them.

On the whole the individual levels are well put together, but some do start to feel a little tedious, especially when you enter levels based off the later films, but each one is fairly short and just about don’t out-stay their welcome.

The main problem, with this being a LEGO game and needing to be family friendly, there is some creative license taken with certain scenes, where death is swapped out for an ‘amusing’ alternative. Now I can see why this has been done, but for someone like me, it really is a shame as it removes from the overall immersion of playing out the film in LEGO form.

I don’t even think these cuts are needed either, the film is classified as a PG by the BBFC and I have watched it with young children who weren’t that bothered by those scenes, so it does make little sense to me.

That aside though, another minor issue with the game is the way in which it is voiced. Clearly some scenes are made with audio ripped direct from the film and tidied up, whereas other parts are re-recorded using stand-in actors and unfortunately it makes it very easy to tell the difference, once again doing massive damage to the immersion.

But that is from me, a massive fan of the original film, one of my top 5 films of all time, so I was always going to be its harshest critic, because anything that can potentially sully the memory of that film isn’t good in my books.

However, aside from a few personal issues and as a LEGO game, LEGO Jurassic World is a solid by the numbers affair and if you liked any of the previous LEGO titles, then you already know if you will like this.

Once I got over myself, I was able to enjoy the game a hell of a lot more, but what is worrying, is that for the first time, it is also starting to feel very stale, no matter how good the game is and it feels like it needs a little bit of a shake up moving forward.