LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Look, if you like the previous LEGO games and you aren’t bored of them, then we will tell you right off the bat(man – sorry) that you will find a lot of entertainment from the third installment of the LEGO Batman series and the ten thousandth in the LEGO series as a whole. Well it isn’t quite that many, but it sure feel like it.

Pretty much everything you know from the previous titles is here. There is the general story to guide you through the first time, that unlocks and introduces the core characters. Again there are a few hours of entertainment here and it doesn’t outstay its welcome. Voice acting is back and in all honesty looks to be a permanent fixture now. It still means the games lose the charm that the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games had, but it kind of works and is harmless. That and it keeps Troy Baker in work.

Among the main levels, are the tons of collectibles and unlocks that can initially drive you crazy, knowing you cannot get them, but then become a whole new game as you head back into levels via Free Play unearth them all. As much as you want to hate doing this, you cannot help yourself, you cannot resist going back again and again unlocking everything.

There is a thing with the LEGO games also, that the achievements and trophies actually feel like a core part of the game, they are based on your progress much better than most other titles manage. They aren’t easy to 100%, but it feels like something you can work towards without having to be a gaming master.

Much like the Marvel LEGO games, there are so many characters on offer, you have your main guys such as Batman, The Joker, Superman, The Flash, before hitting the not so well known, such as the Green Arrow and lesser known villains. There is a good amount of fan service here, as well as making the game accessible to those who haven’t dedicated their lives to DC.

One pretty big change is the open world hub that you’ll be used to from Marvel and LEGO Batman 2 is gone, instead using various planets based on the lore of Green Lantern. Initially it is easy to feel a little short changed, but after going through a few levels it soon becomes clear that the structure works and you can still explore a pretty decent amount.

As with most LEGO games, this is better played in co-op and as usual it is the perfect game for gaming with someone who may not be as obsessed with this hobby as we are. It is a wonderful family game that you can enjoy with both kids and adults alike and so much of the fun can also come from being a third wheel and just being a backseat gamer.

There is a little bit of a concern with this title though and that is the introduction of the season pass. Something the LEGO games have been free of whilst all around find ways to add them in. It will be interesting to see exactly what this brings to the game in the long run and does this also mean the titles may slow down? (Well not if the tease in the credits is true)

So far it seems pretty harmless and LEGO Batman 3 seems to have just as much content on the disc as you would expect, so hopefully this means the season pass really does add something extra rather than being a way to obtain more money for the same content. It looks promising as your £12 for the pass should add a bunch of new story based levels, with free play options as well as a ton of new characters. So whether this is for you or not comes down to your love for the world of DC.

LEGO games should really be in over-saturation mode right now, with this being the the 4th LEGO game on the PS4 in less than a year, following on from The LEGO Movie, LEGO The Hobbit and LEGO Marvel Superheroes. Yet somehow you cannot help but want the next one, going through doing the exact same thing as you did last time. They do have that something special, that makes them so engaging and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is no exception.