Kung Fu Rabbit Review

Kung Fu Rabbit makes its way on to the PS Vita after stints on the Wii U, iOS and Android. A theme that is becoming a lot more common over the last few months.

We at Gamestyle have already reviewed the game for the Wii U release and gave it a very respectable EIGHT out of TEN. The gameplay between the two versions doesn’t change. Essentially feeling like a homage to the likes of Super Meat Boy and N+, Kung Fu Rabbit offers up a more considered approach than the aforementioned titles.

It is no bad thing, as the platforming still have that pixel perfect feel to it and as level progress the challenge ramps up. Whilst reaching the end of a particular level in itself isn’t as rewarding as some other games, it is the literal carrot that the game dangles in front of you that offers said reward. Both in terms of actual in game rewards and the sense of accomplishment you will feel.

Each level contains three carrots that can be collected, plus a bonus golden carrot. Collecting these determines how well you have done at each level, much like a stars system seen in many iOS games, such as Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, etc. But rather than being score or time based, it is done by using a collection system. It works really well, as you know exactly what you need to achieve to fully complete each level and we actually like that as an alternative to the usual score based stars system.

Controls are super simple too, which they need to be in a game that relies on precision. The analogue stick is used to control movement and the X button for jumping, with square for using any powerups you may have equipped. There is the option to use either the touchscreen or rear touch panel to control jumping, but having tested the waters with this, we don’t see why this would be beneficial, but hey, credit to Neko and cTools for making it optional, which is all we ask when it comes to control configurations. Bonis marks too for avoiding a personal pet hate and note forcing touch screen controls for menus, as again you can use buttons and touchscreen however you see fit.

There is plenty of content too, with three main worlds containing around sixty levels in total plus a bonus world which unlocks various levels based on how well you perform throughout the game. Whilst there is only a few hours gameplay to get through all the levels, to do so achieving 100% will take considerably longer. The game is sneaking with this too, as the first thirteen or so levels seem rather easy, then from then on it ramps up the difficulty, but the balance is there.

Some levels will make it almost as easy as possible just to reach the gate at the end, but make it a lot harder to get those carrots, others might make getting one or two carrots easy, yet make getting the third and golden an exercise in patience. As said, it ramps up the difficulty, but not in that ‘every level gets harder and harder’ kind of way. It varies how the difficulty changes and that keeps things fresh.

On the Vita, Kung Fu Rabbit is a wonderful addition, it isn’t just the closest we have to a Super Meat Boy on the machine, it is a wonderful game in its own right. Another game that understands the appeal of handheld gaming. Offering what iOS is missing, quick. cheap, challenging gaming, with proper controls as default. More of this please!