Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Review

In Guacamelee we meet Juan, he is not the luckiest of chaps really, the woman he loves gets kidnapped by an evil skeleton, as you do… The story revolves around a small village in Mexico, the look & style of the game borrows very heavily from Mexican culture & folklore too, you play as a luchador also. This gives the game a certain charm in how it looks, sounds & plays. For example, you gain power ups throughout the game, each time it is marked by a Mexican band ditty which certainly made me smile every time.

Drinkbox, the studio behind Guacamelee originally released it back on the Vita in 2013, this new Super Turbo championship Edition release sees a host of new stuff to enjoy from a brand new boss fight & two new areas to discover such as ‘The World Of The Dead & The World Of Nightmares’, online leaderboards, 2 player local co op and all the DLC now seamlessly integrated into the game.

How to describe this game? It is a 2D side scrolling platform fighting game with bags & bags of humour to laugh out loud to, bright, brash visuals which bring a real pleasure from screen to screen & in the different areas. Keep your eyes peeled too, as the number of in game nods to other games is plenty. A nice little distraction I must admit.

The combat in Guacamelee is excellent, having been tweaked further in this release to allow easier aiming & throwing of enemies, some of which are now new & improved in this release. Some can now even teleport making combat that little bit more fun & interesting as grappling & throwing these enemies can prove much more difficult. Finally, there is the new INTENSO mode which is easily activated in game which gives your luchador a brief power up enabling you to slap those enemies around that little bit more. Certainly a satisfying addition to the game.

The game is at its core a platformer, and trust me, later in the game you may want to shout at your TV & possibly even put your controller down with force on occasion. Although what it does do is give you an immense feeling of satisfaction when you finally pass the part that you got stuck on briefly. So my advice? Don’t give up.

Guacamelee was great first time around and Drinkbox have taken something fantastic and improved on it even more this time with this release. In short, you wont regret buying this, even if you have before. I for one am looking forward to a sequel, but before that, maybe just one more go…