Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review

Ask us what our favourite XBLA game was. No go on, ask us. It was and still is Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. It can still put many new released to shame, both in performance and just how enjoyable it is to play. 

First off it is 1080p and solid 60fps, yet it plays amazingly well. The core mechanics are honed to perfection and it is one of the best score chasing games you can ever wish to play. So when Bizarre Creations folded, it was sad because they are such a talented company, it was sad because there would be no more proper PGR games and it was sad because there would be no follow up to the excellent Blur. But most of all, it was sad, because that seemed like the end for Geometry Wars.

Fast forward to 2014 and another name from the past. Sierra games! This is Activision’s publishing name for downloadable titles and one of the first on the menu… Yep Geometry Wars. Excuse us if we go all Daniel Bryan for a second but… YES! YES! YES! YES! Well, that was until the first previews started leaking…3D? What the hell is this?

Geometry Was is a 2D top down twin-stick shooting, high score chasing, perfect example of a game. We basically needed GW2 with maybe a new mode or two. Why in the hell is there bloody 3D levels all up in my face?

So the day arrives and it is time to play Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, with a lot less excitement than anticipated. So here we are, might as well give it a go.

Well bow down to all that is holy and good in the world. Despite reservations, Geometry Wars 3 is a Geometry Was game and it is still that game in its purest form. The 3D levels aren’t as distracting as they first appear, the core concept of the game is still there and guess what? It only has a classic mode that pretty much gives you GW2 in a new skin.

So what is new aside from 3D maps? Well first of all, you are now introduced to an Adventure mode, that sees you taking on various levels one by one, before then taking on a boss type level. Initially for old fans this seems a bit of a let down, especially as the levels have this iOS style 3 star system. However after a while that need to perfect each level hits and you forget why you had reservations in the first place.

As you progress the stars you earn can be used to unlock new abilities and Geoms collected can be used to upgrade those abilities. Again it is something that hardcore fans might not like, but they are there and in the new levels and Adventure mode they work really rather well. There is an option for those of us who’d much rather have a purer experience.

Classic mode is pretty much an untouched re-release of the GW2 levels and modes and is where you will spend most of your time, beating highscores, getting your top scores toppled and going back in to improve again and again and again and again. This is Geometry War and it is still in glorious 1080p and 60fps.

There is also the co-op and multiplayer aspect that have been brought in. At first they seem like they don’t belong and create a fair amount of havoc when played, purely because it takes a long time to adjust to other ships being on the screen and moving differently to what you are trying to do. But after a while it just clicks and whether you play online or offline, it is a frantic and enjoyable experience.

When Resogun arrived on PS4, it felt a bit like a spiritual successor to Geometry Wars, but now the king is back and it has been more than worth the wait. Just think about this for a moment .We live in a world where both Resogun and Geometry Wars can exist and not only exist, but do so side by side on the same console.

It is the gaming equivalent of finding yourself heading to a hotel room after a wedding with the two best look bridesmaids on each arm. You know you are coming out of that experience with huge grin that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.