Flyhunter Origins Review

Steelwool Games have definitely designed this game for the slightly younger audience than myself, and no, I wont be telling you what age I am! If you happen to be from this audience, I think Flyhunter Origins is for you. In short, it is a platform game with 21 levels of running, jumping & collecting going on throughout.

Throughout each level you collect little blobs as you go, swatting enemies & jumping about the scenery. If you have played any platform games in the past, you will be instantly familiar with this game & how it controls. That is one of the great things about this game, its not holding your hand for several initial levels, you simply instinctively can pick it up & play which is perfect for the target audience here.

As the story progresses, you encounter various cutscenes, some Wipeout style flying levels chasing enemies, basically the level design is very much in style of the classics, Ghosts & Goblins, Zool, Earthworm Jim etc which start on the left and you work your way across the right to the end of the level running, jumping & collecting as you go yet without the difficulty of some of these games.

The look of Flyhunter Origins isn’t going to win any E3 awards, its all fairly simply ‘nice’, nothing too flash and nothing too bland either. I think this is the main crux of this game, it doesn’t want to insult or do anything wildly exciting or new, its happy just doing what it does.

This game is perfect for that rainy Sunday afternoon where you know you can download this and let your kids while away a few hours without having to worry about them too much. This certainly  isn’t Conker’s Bad Fur Day or some such.