Chariot Review

Chariot by Frima Studios is a physics based 2D platformer where you, a princess must carry, pull & push your dead dad, the king, through ancient caves to a suitable & worthy resting place for the king. Obviously this must be filled to capacity with gold as it cannot be any old tomb. While you and a ‘friend’ are doing this, the king loves nothing more than to moan & offer his opinion on things too.

The humour in the game is superb, with some superb voice acting for the king & the skeleton who acts as your guide of sorts throughout the game. The chariot itself has large wheels and you & your partner (should you play it on local coop) have ropes that you can tether to it to stop it getting out of your sight. You cannot leave its side for more than a few seconds either. You must jump &swing across large gaps with the chariot in tow all the while gathering gold & gems as you go through each level. All the while being chased by looters who want your gold!

In game the graphics are absolutely superb, beautifully drawn & realised levels rich in colour with the characters wonderfully animated. Beginning the game with little or no knowledge of what or how to do, chariot gently guides you through a tutorial allowing you to get used to the gameplay mechanics. Your character does not collect the gold as you go through the many and varied levels which are cleverly designed, but instead the king collects the loot as his chariot passes the gold and gems throughout each level.

Pulling & pushing the king soon becomes second nature with some interesting puzzles both in the single player & some for both players together. Many you will spend some time scratching your head(s) wondering just how you can get the king and yourselves to where you need & want to be. There is certainly fun to be had freewheeling down a steep ledge while almost surfing on the chariot.

As you progress, you can purchase upgrades at the end of each level from your skeleton guide who quips about all the items. You can purchase things like a lantern to see in the dark as the king is scared of the dark and remarks so the first time you hit some shadows. Although you must find blueprints in the levels before you can purchase said upgrades.

The minor niggles I have with the game are that there is no run button & the characters aren’t the fastest walkers either so that can be frustrating. Also, playing coop only works locally which is a massive shame. Niggles aside, Chariot is a wonderfully realised game with punchy colours used through and a real charm to it which will keep you coming back for more with so much content. You can go back in each level hovering up every little thing that you missed in your previous playthrough.