Call Of Duty: Ghosts Next Gen Comparison

Next Gen is here and is now current gen, with the 360 and PS3 being old gen… Or something to that effect anyway. 

When a new generation enters the scene, there will always be some crossover games. In this case there is Need For Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4, a bunch of sports games, Assassin’s Creed IV and of course Call Of Duty Ghosts.

We have already reviewed Call Of Duty Ghosts on the XBOX 360 and you can read what we thought here.

Gamestyle were lucky enough to get their hands on both the PS4 and XBOX ONE versions of the game though and decided it would be the ideal title to assess the early impact of the new consoles. The truth is though, that with many of these titles, it will be the difference of turning up the graphic settings on a PC, after doing an upgrade.

On the whole there is nothing new to add to the experience, with one exception, which we’ll come to a little later. It is pretty much a jump in the visuals. Between the two consoles though, there is a difference, but how much that matters depends entirely on how much the graphics really mean to you.

The PS4 version runs at 1080p with the XBOX ONE version running at 720p and upscaling. You only really notice things in the finer details, with the PS4 version looking that much sharper than the XBOX ONE version. The XBOX version does add many of the same filters as on the PS4, but with the PS4 doing this natively you do notice a difference.

Now as we said this may or may not matter to you and as far as we could tell, both versions looked and played really well for the most part. The PS4 version ran at a strong 60fps but there were a few moment of slowdown during some really intense battle sequences. It was the same for the XBOX ONE version but the slowdowns seemed to happen that little bit more often, or were a little more noticeable.

It does seem apparent that this was a game developed primarily for the previous generation of consoles and ported up to the new arrivals. That isn’t a bad thing though, as it means that all four consoles get a solid enough effort and it lays down some solid foundations for the next iteration of the series.

So whether you are a owner of a XBOX ONE or a PS4, you aren’t really losing anything, neither console is suddenly getting screwed over for the other, it is only when you take the time to compare both almost side by side that you spot the little differences, if you are a fan of the game, then you’ll be happy with your upgrade.

The question is though, what if you own both consoles (you lucky person)? What version should you buy? Well this comes down to a single scenario. Do you own a PS Vita? If the answer is yes, then get the PS4 version, it becomes a no brainer purely for the remote play features offered up by Sony.

Here Infinity Ward have done a good job to make sure the controls are suited to the Vita when you do access remote play. For all games the option is there to use the rear touch pad to replace the L2, R2, L3 and R3 buttons, but rather than simply use all four sections of the rear touch, the developers have put a single action here and changed the control scheme specifically for when you are playing on the Vita.

When you load of the control options while in remote play, you are given only the Vita control options which is a nice touch, rather than being lazy and just having basic mapping. There are plenty of options too, based on how you would prefer the layout, you can have rear touch as sprint, or change it to melee, or one of the other options. All the legacy and southpaw options are also included.

There does seem to be a bit of scaling down with the graphics and during online multiplayer, it felt as though you were at a disadvantage compared to those playing on the PS4 itself with the DualShock4. Yet in the campaign mode, it was more than serviceable.

What is great, is that you no longer need to worry about losing the TV when someone else in the family wants to watch something, or play on one of the other consoles. Simply switching on the Vita, accessing the PS4 link and carrying on where you left off is wonderful. Not cross-save, not having to reboot the game, literally turning on remote play and carrying on. It is an amazing experience the first time you do this, when you sit back and realise what you have actually done, the next gen really does hit home.

A word of warning though, as great as this is directly linking to the PS4 in your home, taking the same game outside and using a 3G connection will give varying results. This works well for games like Knack and other slower paced games, but with Call Of Duty Ghosts, where you need quick reactions and fractions of a second can mean life or death, it can be a frustrating experience. However this may improve a little when 4G rolls out across the UK.

Overall there is a definite step up from the last gen in terms of visuals, but it doesn’t really make a difference to the overall game, it is still the same game as it was, just a little nice looking. What we would say though, is that it may well be worthwhile using the £10 upgrade voucher if you have the new consoles and get the best of both worlds.