Bloodsports.TV Review

As a born again PC gamer, well I think that is what I am anyway, I am only just finding out about a genre of games that has passed me by somewhat. The MOBA! What confuses me more than anything is that there are MOBA games and then there are games that are a bit like that, but not.

This is where Bloodsports.TV comes in. It shares a lot in common with the MOBA, namely in the control scheme, click to go here, click to attack this, press this button to allow that and so on and it is an Arena Battle game in many respects.

However, it also plays like an action oriented tower defense, much like an Orcs Must Die, but still maintaining the top down view you’d expect in titles such as DOTA2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Now I am not going to lie to you, I started this game in a very skeptical manner, because as far as I could tell, it was going to be a poor man’s take on a DOTA2, it has a look to it that is inspired by Borderlands, which is putting it mildly and in all honesty it lacked that immediate charm, it didn’t seem like it had that hook to draw you in.

Even going through tutorial missions, it still lacked that something, as they are very restrictive and plod along at a very slow pace, often finding yourself wanting to take the next action, but waiting for the tutorial to catch you up. I found myself remonstrating with the game more often than not. “Yes, yes, I get it! Now let me perform the action.”

I almost wanted to give up and put this down to a bad job, give the game a 4 out of ten and move on to something else but that would be unfair on my part; because this is a game that the developers say is best played in co-op and the tutorial is a single player experience to bed you in.

So with that I got a partner and started playing through the various missions whilst chatting away and something happened. The time flew by, this was a rather enjoyable experience and the initial negative thoughts I had faded away.

Myself and my gaming partner made our way through numerous levels and missions, enjoying taking down the enemies that dared advance on us, even the missions we failed didn’t bother us too much, as going again didn’t feel like a chore, but more an act of determination. Knowing what we did wrong and how we can approach it next time.

Bloodsports.TV also does a very good job of handling progression. You will start at level 1, but the various unlocks and perks that allow you to take on later levels are drip fed at just the right pace, meaning that each mission feels well balanced. You never feel like you are just grinding to level up, nor is the game forcing enemies on you that are stupidly overpowered.

Sure some levels are more difficult and some are a little easier, but this is by subtle amounts, which feel logical. Those levels that seem that bit easier are like a reward and slight respite and those that up the difficulty are there as though they are trying to get the best from you. Like a movie based drill sergeant from the the likes of Full Metal Jacket.

This isn’t a perfect game, as the earlier issues still ring true, making it one that isn’t easy to get into, whether you are an expert or a newcomer. It still looks like a bit of a spinoff from Borderlands and it is awful to play on your own.

That being said though, when played with a friend or two, this is something else. It isn’t as hardcore as some MOBA games and it doesn’t require that long term dedication to get the most out of it. It is a nice game to have sitting on the hard drive, just ready when you are. Plus, at the £6.99 being charged you will find plenty of value for your hard earned money.