BlazeRush Review

Believe it or not, there are still games coming out for the PS3, games that aren’t either on the PS4, nor the Vita. Games like BlazeRush, which in itself is a throwback to a genre that has seemingly been forgotten over the years.

You see BlazeRush is survival, battle racing game. One that takes many influences from the likes of MicroMachines, Mashed and Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing. It doesn’t do much to hide those influences either, instead reveling in the fact. It aims to be complete balls to the wall fun from the very get go.

There is a choice of either a single player campaign, which has all the usual progression stuff, where you do a race, win points, cups, medals and the likes for winning and beating objectives, before moving on to the next event, doing the same again, wash, rinse and repeat. It’s perfectly adequate for what it is, but at the same time is fairly no frills.

This is fine though, because the bread and butter of the game is in the multiplayer. Much like the above mentioned games, where you would have the most fun with a bunch of friends and a few controllers, this follows the same idea. It adds various modes into the mix, such as battle type events, but the most fun is to be had with the eliminator mode, which has a slight variation on the theme you may be used to.

Instead of just getting the last place player to fall of the end of the screen, you have a giant steamroller chasing the pack and if anyone is caught…well they be killed. Whilst it is the same as we have seen before, just with a different skin, the addition of the visual element of the steamroller adds to the panic and in turn the laughs.

The controls are simple enough and again should be easy enough for anyone to pick up and the general setup is easy enough for nigh on everyone who has played a Kart game to understand. There are clearly marked pickups, that range from nitro boosts, to machine guns and circular saws.

It isn’t just a case of pick them up and you get an advantage, as it does take a small degree of skill to make use of the weapons, which means in turn, that the person you are aiming for, can also avoid your attacks and defend. The Nitro drops seem to always drop behind the leader, which is clearly an attempt to keep the action close and competitive, but rather than being annoying, it works a lot better than you’d initially imagine.

The tracks on offer are an odd bunch and many are well laid out and fun to play on, there is quite a lack of variation which does mean the game becomes fairly repetitive early on. This means BlazeRush becomes a game that is only ever going to be played on occasions, rather than something that you’d bust out on a regular basis.

That said, BlazeRush is a nice party game to play and can be a great asset to have during events like the Christmas holidays, as it is a game that everyone can get involved in and have a ton of fun with. There is no real barrier of entry which is something you can’t say too often these days and you will certainly get a good amount of entertainment value from the game.