Abyss Odyssey Review

Abyss Odyssey begins with our trio, Katrien, our nimble sword fighter, the elemental La Pincoya who wields a deadly spear and finally Ghost Monk, who duel wields so deals much more damage than the others although is much slower than his group. Our intrepid trio are charged with destroying the Warlock who is dreaming below ground, although unfortunately his dreams are infecting reality. Many have fallen attempting to reach him at the bottom of a giant labyrinth chasm that has opened up in the ground above. 

The game itself is from developers ACE Team, who previously developed Zeno Clash and could be described and a platform fighting game which evokes memories of games such as Guacamelee, Prince of Persia & Spelunky. Why I hear you ask? Lets see, the art style itself is very PoP, then you have the parts of the game when you get trapped in a screen fighting a set amount of enemies, unable to move on until either you, or they are dead which reminded me personally of Guacamelee. Finally, Spelunky as once you die its right back to the start…almost… when you die, you change to a human soldier who vows to avenge your death. You must control him until you can find an altar where you can be resurrected. The soldier is slower and less agile than your character generally and if he gets killed before reaching the altar, then it is back to the beginning again. If you do restart then the levels shift about meaning that as in Spelunky, no play through will be the same.

Controls in the game are relatively simple, with it simply using blocks, counters, cancels and attack to create combos. Along the way, you collect gold which you can use to buy weapons and items although they are on the pricey side so you best get saving!

As you play through the game, you unlock three different entrances to the abyss, each with its differing routes. One much longer yet easier to reach the Warlock, another shorter but much harder to reach him. This style of play offers many chances to replay Abyss Odyssey over 7 over should you so feel inclined.

The graphics for this game are somewhat of a mixed bag, I found the characters themselves to be slightly oddly drawn yet the backgrounds when exploring the abyss are quite something in places although some design glitches did annoy such as leaping to a platform and suddenly finding that you hit a ledge or ceiling that you thought you would quite easily miss.

One thing about Abyss Odyssey is that if you expect to have your hand held in the beginning, forgot it, the game throws you in at the deep end (literally) and you need to figure things out for yourself, such as the ability to capture enemies and use them as an alternative character. The enemies themselves are an interesting bunch, ranging from a bizarre bird like man who rushes at you with an enormous beak to a majestic bull (with a great sound effect) that rushes towards you. The enemy character designs are really quite cleaver here altogether.

All in all, Abyss Odyssey manages to be an interesting game that will reward those who spend time with it to really get to know it.