Quick Views: Kyn

It is all my fault, but whenever I am presented with a new RPG type game in an isometric style, I cannot help but compare it to Diablo and especially Diablo III. I hate that I do this, but unfortunately it is a bad habit of mine I cannot shake.

It is for this reason it took me a while to actually get into Kyn, an Action Adventure RPG by Tangrin Entertainment and Versus Evil. However, that is because the game does actually have a slow opening with some control systems that take a while to fully get used to.

The setting of Viking Mythology is actually a refreshing one and makes a change from the pure fantasy and dark settings of many games of this type. In all honesty, it was this setting that got me through the early stages.

You play as multiple characters in the world and have to use them as a team, similar in a way to how Pillars of Eternity works. Except here everything feels a lot simpler after a few early missions.

The reason it does feel slow early on is the mission structure, mainly being a variety of fetch quests designed purely to ease you in, but this is also the game’s only real downfall early on. As it is so slow and long winded to let you off the reigns, it can be easy to write it off.

Yet after a couple of hours, you have controls that become second nature and the various quests on offer, both mainline and secondary, become much more varied and exciting. It is almost as though a switch has been flipped and you have a completely different game.

What does feel great is the difficulty curve and the challenge on offer as you get further into the game. At no point in my preview look did I feel as though enemies were pure cannon fodder, nor did I feel I was being deliberately over powered so I was being forced to grind. The balance seems pretty much spot on here.

The overall story is well written and the visual representation of a Viking world is wonderfully realised. You are well rewarded with loot and the puzzles that are mixed in with the action keeps things fresh. But this is a game that really encourages exploration too, especially once your hand is released from the opening missions.

This isn’t a casual game and if you struggle with these types of games, then this isn’t one to ease you in, but if you have had any experience and enjoyed the genre, this is fresh enough that is should be worth considering upon it’s 28th July release.