Quick View: Poly Bridge (Steam)

Is Bridge Constructor a genre now? There seems to be a fair few of these games around and some have taken it to another level and expanded what these games can be. Especially looking at the likes of Kerbal Space Program and Besieged. But Poly Bridge seems to do the opposite and stick to the known formula.

That’s not a bad thing though and despite being in Early Access, Poly Bridge feels like a pretty complete game.

It has the usual scenarios you’d come to expect and it tasks you with simply building a bridge to allow traffic to cross. It provides you with the tools and a budget, then it is up to you to understand the physics to make travel possible.

This will depend on what wants to cross as to what you need to build; because a bicycle doesn’t need a bridge with a ton of steel girders to make it safely across, yet try and get a lorry across a simple wooden bridge and disaster will strike.

What stands out at even this early stage is how clear each of the goals is and how you can really have fun experimenting with various solutions. Early tutorials will give you a basic concept as to how the physics of it all will work, but doesn’t hold your hand to the point it stops becoming challenging.

A nice feature is the ability to save and share replays of both your successful attempts, as well as your disasters and this is a feature I really, really like and have spent as much time watching other solutions as I have creating my own.

Let me tell you something, people are bloody creative and put me to shame.

Poly Bridge is currently £8.99 on Steam in Early Access and that price point feels about right and again is a good example of how to put a game on Early Access, as it is one I don’t feel let down about owning even at this early point.