Xbox One price cut to £399.99

The first Xbox One price cut is imminent. From February 28th you’ll be able to pick up the Xbox One console for £399.99.

Initially released at £429.99, despite being Microsoft’s best console launch they have still been lagging behind Sony in sales, partly because of the price difference between the two consoles. That gap has now been reduced, and to top it off you’ll also be able to get Titanfall for free.

The Titanfall bundle will release alongside the game on 14th March and include:

  • The console
  • Kinect sensor
  • Xbox One wireless controller
  • Chat headset
  • One month of Xbox Live Gold
  • Digital copy of Titanfall

When speaking to Eurogamer Xbox UK managing director Harvey Eagle said they aren’t able to offer a retroactive refund (or any other deal) to those early Xbox One adopters.

It makes sense for the price cut to come now, with Titanfall on the horizon the Xbox One has what you could finally call a system seller.