UFC gets Bruce Lee as a playable character….because why not?

You’d think it was still April Fool’s, but today EA have announced that Bruce Lee will be joining the new UFC game.

People who pre-order UFC for Xbox One and Playstation 4 will get the legendary Bruce Lee as a playable character. “I feel like this is the most ridiculous question,” creative director Brian Hayes said. “Why put Bruce Lee in a UFC game? It’s. Bruce. Lee…”

“You have the premier organization in the fastest growing sport in the world, the UFC; and the most iconic martial artist in the history of the world, Bruce Lee – a martial artist renowned for his philosophies that laid the groundwork for modern mixed martial arts. I can’t conceive of a universe where bringing these two things together doesn’t make sense. I know there are going to be countless fans that feel the exact same way and they will be eager play with such a legend in the UFC Octagon. I am one of them.”

As you can see from the below trailer, it all looks like something special indeed.

UFC arrives 17th June for Xbox One and Playstation 4.