Satellite Reign Preview

Is it me, or is there something about games that use an isometric view? I mean, there is Bastion, Transistor, Shadowrun, Diablo and so many more games that look spectacular using this view. Well there is another to add to my list of stunning looking games and that is Satellite Reign.

Developers 5 Lives Studios have a clear influence here and it is that of Bullfrog’s classic Syndicate. The proper Syndicate that was a proper RPG, not the recently released shooter of the 360 era. We don’t want a game based around that, they are ten a penny.

You hear the term ‘Spiritual Successor’ thrown around like candy at a Macy’s Day Parade and we have been guilty ourselves in doing that. However, this is the second game in a matter of weeks that really is the true successor to something that has long been forgotten or totally destroyed by a large publisher.

You know… War for the Overworld and Dungeon Keeper. Well this is to Syndicate, as that was to DK. A smaller team who were clearly fans of the original inspiration wanting to give likeminded fans a taste of something good.

Satellite Reign is joy to play too, with controls that make sense and clearly set out objectives that will also allow you to experiement. This is an Early Access game, but it really doesn’t feel like one.

It has a few problems sure, but there is nothing about this game in its current form that can scare you off. It looks the part, it plays well, it feels a lot more complete than most fully released titles these days.

The Cyberpunk setting may well be an overused cliche these days, but it works really well here and no aspect is oversold to the point it was to shove the setting in your face. It feels like a near future and almost realistic in what technologies it uses.

The AI on the whole is pretty solid at this point, though it feels it could use some tweaking, but again there is plenty of time for this to happen.

The one aspect that does let it down a little at this point is the opening tutorial levels, which feel a little rushed and lack the direction you need. At points is feels like it is holding you back a bit too much, but at other points it isn’t quite explaining the mechanics as well as you need.

The thing is though, any issues I have with the game at this point are really minor and more in line with my own expectations of a game, rather than any major flaws you expect from an Early Access title.

Once this hits full release we can safely say that you should jump in, if you have any love for a tactical RPG, but we are confident enough to say… Get it now in Early Access, you won’t be dissapointed.