Local Edinburgh Film Company DeepFried35 prepares to release Halloween Zomedy

Edinburgh, Scotland- October 29th 2013- New local ‘Zomedy’ from film producers DeepFried35 aims to propel Scotland into the online film scene.

Local Edinburgh film company ‘DeepFried35’ are launching their debut film in time for Halloween. The ‘zomedy’ based on the video game ZombiU for the WiiU, ‘The Real ZombieU’ is due to be released on 31st October 2013 and will be available to watch online. The plot follows main character, Ron Dee on his search for an essential mystery object through a Zombie infested city. It is the first major project from ‘DeepFried35’ and showcases some of Edinburgh’s finest local talent of actors and film producers. Also featuring innovative interactive QR code technology; ‘The Real ZombieU’ is certainty aiming to push the boundaries further than any other locally produced short film.

ZombiU the game was released in November 2012 as a launch game for the WiiU console and Greg McCraw and Shaun Paul Johnston, the creators of fan film ‘The Real ZombieU’ are both fans of the game. They wanted to create a film where they could combine the game with some of their favourite zombie films such as Shaun of the Dead. They said “We were inspired by the originality of films like Shaun of the Dead and obviously we are big fans of the ZombiU game so we thought, why not incorporate the two?”

The visual effects in the film carry a ‘game-like’ feel throughout with the main characters scanning device representing the WiiU console and the on screen EKG monitor giving the illusion that the audience are playing the game. QR codes will also pop up during the film which the viewer can scan with their mobile phone to receive extra content and information about the characters which may be a first for the indie film scene. The film is both creative and clever allowing the audience to interact with the film like they could a game.

“This is the first major film we have created as ‘DeepFried35’ and wanted to make sure it was something that people would be interested in.”-Shaun and Greg. The film will contain elements of the game and the guys hope to engage the interests of both film and game aficionados, so far gaining a lot of attention from Nintendoenthusiasts.com and other gaming sites alike. DeepFried35 plan to break the barriers and put Edinburgh on the online film industry map and hope by releasing ‘The Real ZombieU’ might help bridge the gap between the film and game industries.


Background Information

DeepFried35 started earlier this year when graduated film student Greg McCraw and actorShaun Paul Johnston decided to create a film company to break into the Scottish independent film scene. They wanted to emulate the success of US Freddie Wong who has rose to fame with his online short film creations. Johnston says “There’s not much going on in Edinburgh or Scotland in terms of pushing the online film industry forward. Guys like Freddy Wong have seen success from their films on YouTube in the states but no one seems to be making it big here in the UK. We wanted to show people there is great talent here in Edinburgh and the in rest of Scotland.” The guys are currently planning their second film which will go into production later this year.


Additional Information

‘The Real ZombieU’ will be available to watch online on Wednesday 31st October from:

www.deepfried35.com and www.youtube.com/user/deepfried35
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deepfried35
Twitter: www.twitter.com/deepfried35
Google+: www.plus.google.com/117899185931211380981/posts
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