Joe Danger Touch


Hello Games, the bright UK indie start-up, today announced that everyone’s favorite stuntman Joe Danger will be blasting onto the App Store on Thursday January 10th and releases a launch trailer to celebrate.

Speaking earlier today founder Sean Murray, said; “Releasing Joe Danger for iPhone, iPod and iPad is one of the most important steps for us as a little indie studio. This has been a secret pet project of mine for quite a while, which I’m delighted to let the world play for the first time. It’s such an amazing opportunity for us to be able to reach all those millions of beautiful iOS gamers.”

Hello Games also announced that the critically acclaimed and best-selling Joe Danger has been entirely rewritten for touch devices, to allow players to take Joe on a new adventure.

Sean added “This is a very different Joe Danger experience. It’s a completely new game, with entirely unique mechanics. This isn’t a dumbed down version, it’s stays true to the core arcade ideas of the original, with the same lovely aesthetics, solid framerate and tight controls. It’s a console quality game in your hands”.

Having already had a great reception from press and beta testers Sean added “Featuring 20+ hours of gameplay, 30+ unlockable characters and all of the content of a full blown console release Hello Games is starting 2013 off with a bang on iOS.”

Gamestyle loved Joe Danger on the consoles and are certainly looking forward to playing on the move.