Early Look: Beseige

You remember how it felt like they’d come up with a game and then forcefully rammed a bear and a pigeon into it? Besiege is that original game, but without the bear and pigeon ramming. If that sounds good, skip to the last paragraph.


If you didn’t play Nuts ‘n’ Bolts, it was essentially an early game in the crafting genre, Meccano in game form. Take various parts, fasten them together however you want and hopefully you’ll end up with a vehicle that can do whatever task is required of it. The only real difference here is that you’re creating siege machinery…but it’s a very subtle difference. You’ll burn cute little armies, fire cannons at sheep, inadvertently blow up your machine with a bomb that didn’t get catapulted properly…it’s great fun. The parts are basic, but can create enough combinations that realistically it’s only your imagination as the limiting factor.

And, to a lesser extent, the frame-rate. Optimisation is certainly something that needs to be on the to-do list and older processors, eg. mine, do get a little bit hot and bothered when lots of sheep are wandering around. Perhaps the building controls are a little counter-intuitive and the controls for navigating your machine are unnecessarily spread around the keyboard.

But really, 15 levels that require different machines to be made, loads of parts, the internet filling up with utterly amazing creations…this is a preview, so obviously no conclusions will be reached…but if it piques your interest at all, just buy it. Yes, obvious caveats about expectations from Early Access games, yes, blah, optimisation. But it’s a fiver, I’ve sunk hours into it already and I’ve not even finished the levels already there. Besiege is be-loody be-rilliant.

(Fingers crossed the review, due in 2016 sometime, ends on the same note.)