Dex Preview

If there is one thing Early Access does well, it’s games that have become frankly, personal projects of love. The amount of pixel art on show here is ridiculous, it feels like more effort has gone into a background pigeon than goes into many completed games. If you like pixels you’re more than getting your money’s worth in Dex from that alone.

Dex itself is a 2D open world, thankfully with teleporting so you don’t need to constantly backtrack, and essentially a metroidvania with a very large a dose of RPG, levelling up unlocks skills, gaining quests by talking to characters etc. Apart from a heap of typos, there are whole words missing, everything there is done well.

The setting is pure cyberpunk, with all the good and bad things that brings. The world is breaking down, drugs, guns and sex being sold everywhere. The fact that an enemy is as likely to drop pornography as they are a t-shirt is fairly representative.

As it stands, combat is more of a chore than it should be. Ideally the game would offer a way to avoid combat entirely, but instead enemies appear on screen and attack, leaving your character rolling left and right and either kicking or shooting, then rolling again. There’s little more to it, and anything that can be done in the final stages of Early Access to improve it would be beneficial.

Due to release this quarter, it seems hard to imagine there will be significant changes before release and it doesn’t really need them. This isn’t a game that will appeal to everyone, but if the remainder of the time is spent well those that find the idea of the game appealing will be very happy with their purchase. Come back for the full review when the game exits Early Access!

(And it really is a well-drawn pigeon.)