The latest Tropes Vs Women video is a must watch

The latest in the Tropes Vs Woman video series has naturally brought with it a maelstrom of hate and even threats to the creator Anita Sarkeesian. But it’s essential viewing, especially for game developers.

The past couple of weeks have not painted the games industry in a great light. Not going into too much into it, but you probably know what we’re talking about. Making us even question whether this is a hobby we want to be a part of.

The latest video from Anita focuses on Women as Background Decoration and really does have a number of excellent points. One that really hit home for us was the scene in God of War 3 where Kratos, the hero (?) of the story pretty much tortures a pleading, half naked woman to solve a puzzle. Imagine, grown men actually though that was a good idea. You can watch it here:

The video series has got the support of a number of high profile game developers including Tim Schafer. Not to mention movie director Joss Whedon. Although Gamestyle is merely a small speck of sand in the endless beach of the Internet, Anita definitely has our support.