Tearaway & Killzone Mercanary Confirmed For PS Vita

There are have been lots of rumours about the death of the PS Vita, but 2013 has got off to a very good start for Sony’s handheld. Two marquee titles have been given release updates in the form of videos and both are looking special.

First up is Tearaway:

The video shows how the game will play and it is obvious that Media Molecule have had a hand in this. It looks absolutely beautiful. Hopefully it is a game that Sony will get behind to help promote its system over the coming months.

Next is Killzone Mercenary:

This has the potential to be a system seller and not just in name alone. This video shows off weapons more than anything, but if you are a graphics nut, then you should be blown away by this. It isn’t even looking great for a handheld, it is just looking great. With the addition of a mix of stick and gyro aiming, it could promise to be the FPS that Call Of Duty should have been on the Vita.


Both games should be out later this year