EA remaining quiet on a much needed FIFA 15 patch

Disappointing, but not surprising, despite being out for over a week now EA are still remaining quiet on a much needed FIFA 15 patch.

In our review we said, “a pretty decent football game that unfortunately has more bugs than Starship Troopers.” The most serious of which meant some people suffered game breaking lag (even when offline), which could only be fixed with some tinkering with router settings or multiple profiles.

It’s a very shoddy state of affairs with EA FIFA’s official twitter account more concerned with pushing Ultimate Team than answering the many legions of fans hoping for an answer on when a patch will become available. Even a simple “we’re aware of the issues and a patch is being worked on” would suffice.

But then with FIFA 15 being, not surprisingly, a huge hit. Do they even need to rush a patch? Probably not. And that’s the saddest fact of all.

2 Replies to “EA remaining quiet on a much needed FIFA 15 patch”

  1. The big problem is that a lot of player can’t access FUT without any explanation by EA

  2. A lot of people had their FUT account locked and cannot play for over 2 weeks, yet no comment from EA. If you could publish this issue it would be great!

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