GS Plays: You Must Build A Boat (Steam)

Puzzle games are wonderful aren’t they? But do you remember a time when they hadn’t had their soul ripped from them by Free to Play mechanics. Mechanics such as timed lives, pay to win boosts and the like?

Remember when the likes of Tetris, Columns, Puyo Pop, Puzzle Quest, Dr Mario, etc were just about the skill of it all? Remember how great it felt to get better scores, or progress because you were beating the game and not the game allowing you a small taste of success in the hopes of you spending more money to get that feeling again?

Well, You Must Build A Boat, the sequel to the fabulous 10000000 by EightyEight games does just that. Building on the base mechanics set out by the original to create a fine game that reminds you of those glory days of the puzzle game.

Anyway, check the video below!

You Must Build A Boat is available on Steam For £3.99



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