GS Plays: Turmoil (Steam) Early Access

Have you always wanted to be an oil baron? Dreamed of being alive in simpler times? Or even just watched the excellent There Will Be Blood?

Well, what you didn’t know, is that you really do want to play a simulation game about drilling for oil. Honestly you really do, especially one that is as well put together as Turmoil.

Despite this being a Quick Look for an Early Access game, I actually forgot that this wasn’t a completed title yet and still needs work, such is the quality of what we have access to now.

Turmoil is a simple, yet challenging take on the simulation games, that does away with realism to allow you to concentrate on the fun side of things at a pretty nice pace. Most of the on-screen parts are made up of lovely bright visual, but there is still plenty of graphs and stats for those who love that sort of thing.

Anyway, check the video below!

Watch Now

Turmoil is available on Steam Early Access for £6.99


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