UPDATE #2 – Sony leave Pockets Out of Pocket!

It recently came to Gamestyle’s attention that once again a PSN user has been hacked and had stuff purchased against their account. 


Pockets has had some further correspondense from Sony about his issue…We’ll just let this email speak for itself.



Pockets had a phone conversation with Sony’s Customer Service. Just listen to it:

We reached out to the user known as ‘Pockets’ and this is the reply we got!


On the 5th December I received an email thanking me for my PSN purchase of Shadow of Mordor for the PS3, a console I do not own. I immediately called the Sony customer service line and waited for around 30 minutes to talk to someone who was reasonably helpful and passed the matter on for investigation.

A week later I had heard nothing so called again and was ‘reassured’ that they were very busy but that the matter would be resolved soon. So I waited. This alone seems like a very poor response to fraud to me, having previously worked in the field for a credit card company, but so be it.

Today I received an email outlining the findings of Sony’s investigation which pointed out that the purchase had indeed occurred on a console other than my own but that they cannot refund me as they only do that if the software is faulty. So as long as the game the hacker bought with my money works it’s all okay apparently.

Here is the relevant section in the email they sent –

In relation to the transactions you recently flagged as unauthorised, our investigation concluded that the serial number of the console on which these transactions were made does not match the serial number of the console you provided to us on your original call. Regrettably, as stated in the PlayStation Network Terms of Service, we are unable to offer a refund for purchases made on PlayStation Store unless the content is found to be defective. We have taken the appropriate action against the console which made the purchase but unfortunately we cannot share the details of this console with you for security purposes.

So they have effectively agreed that fraud took place (in the same week that thousands of Sony email addresses and passwords were leaked no less) and yet they refuse to return the money that was stolen from me. No doubt they’ll argue the meaning; I think there might be an implication that I may have owned the other console somewhere there, they say the serial numbers are different, not that the owner is and I suspect this is what they would argue, but how am I possibly meant to prove anything in that regard? I was told on my original call that they would check IP addresses too so I have to assume they did this and would have also found that they were different. I can’t even think of words to describe this, hopefully it’s obvious to you how wrong this is although my experience with Sony makes me fear that it isn’t to them.

I’m sure Sony are fully aware of my, and no doubt hundreds if not thousands of other customers powerless position we are in when something like this happens. You’re beholden to their customer service centre which sometimes has wait times of over an hour before you can speak to someone. Only those with high profile Twitter accounts or some other online presence have a hope of getting them to listen. Fortunately I was asked to tell my story here. I have written to the head of SCEE customer service and await a reply.


Gamestyle will be sure to follow this to the end so keep an eye on the site for updates as we get them.  We do ask you to share this on Facebook, twitter, anywhere to make sure this gets the exposure it needs. Because, for all that Sony get right with the Playstation, there allegedly always seems to be this sort of thing in the shadows.

8 Replies to “UPDATE #2 – Sony leave Pockets Out of Pocket!”

    1. It wasn’t done through a credit card, it was credit that was already in my PSN wallet. Cards not connected to account.

      1. That, and they ban your psn account when you do this.

        I feel like “class action lawsuit” is the only solution here.

        1. If you can find enough other people who have had similar problems, then yeah, go ahead. As is, there’s no mention of anyone else having this problem in the comments section, and this is the first I’ve heard of anyone having to deal with something this silly–even a few years back when Anonymous hacked PSN and shut it down for over a month, they had the grace to give us Free Stuff.

          A lawsuit might still be a good idea, but a class action lawsuit isn’t going to get anything done without a class to back it up.

  1. I’m a grunt for Microsoft/Xbox customer support, so I have a vested interest in hearing Sony’s support policies and service are inferior to ours, but I would be extremely wary of making any sort of assumptions based on a single case. It’s quite possible that this situation is a complete outlier – especially in light of others mentioning contradictory experiences – caused by someone messing up somewhere along the way.

  2. Pretty much exactly the same situation has just happened to me, i’m currently going through my cc to cancel the payment i was charged from that end. Even if Sony don’t cancel my account as a result of this i’ll be closing it myself!

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