Gamestyle Game of the Year 2014: Simon F

Mario Kart 8

For me my game of the year was a fairly easy choice, for starters, unlike a lot of full price titles, Mario Kart 8 actually worked from day one.  There were no need for any patches, online multiplayer worked without a hitch, and more importantly the game itself is absolutely amazing.

For me, it is the best Mario Kart there has ever been, yeah the A.I still cheats, and it is still as frustrating as hell to get hit by a blue shell just before the finish line, but quite simply this game could put a smile on the face of even the most wizened gamer.

The whole thing is just a joy to play, it has been polished so much the box almost sparkles when you open it to take the disc out(though that is something you only do a few times as the disc will be firmly stuck in your Wii U for quite a while); and even though the Wii U is supposedly the lesser console compared to the PS4 and Xbox One,  graphically, this craps all over every game that has been released on those consoles all year.

This game truly does have that magic that only Nintendo seem able to bring to gaming, and with the the downloadable content that is already available and with more to come next year.  Mario Kart 8 will be a game I will happily dip into time and time again, if only to cheer me up, with its explosion of bright colours and honed to perfection mechanics.