Gamestyle Game of the Year 2014: Gareth and Simon T

Bayonetta 2


The fact this game exists is both brilliant and amazing. A sequel to a niche game that while considered to be one of the best action games of a generation didn’t rack up the sales it so richly deserved. Yet, Nintendo decided to throw a bunch of money at Platinum to make a sequel for its struggling platform, because….well….who knows?! It certainly wasn’t to make money as once again, Bayonetta 2 didn’t set the charts alight.

Maybe Nintendo are just big Platinum fans, because who isn’t? They are the masters of the fast paced, character action genre and Bayonetta 2 further cements that fact.

How many other games has you fighting a boss fight every five minutes? It’s almost a never ending stream of spectacle, from the opening fights on top of a jet to flying around and fighting a dragon. All are visually brilliant, and show that despite its lack of power, the Wii U can stand proudly next to the PS4 and Xbox One.

So thank you Nintendo for making this game a reality. Now how about Bayonetta 3?



 Dragon Age: Inquisition

(Simon T)

This year has been a busy year for me; I haven’t had as much game time as I had hoped. The only game this year that I’ve played and that really stood out was Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I don’t think I have put that much time in to a video game since Skyrim was released, when I finally finished the main story in Dragon Age: Inquisition I think my total game time was near 200hrs, and even then I still had a few Dragons to kill.

To be honest I did spend an hour customizing my character before even starting to play the game. I made a Dwarf Warrior that looked like me; my second character is a Dwarf Mage.

Normally when I play a game for that long I get sick and rush to finish it off. I didn’t feel that way with Dragon Age, as soon as I had finished my first play I was already planning on starting my second run.

And that’s the beauty of a game as big and detailed as Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are that many different story options to make you really need to plan a couple of playthroughs to explore all your options.

Even though Inquisition takes place after Dragon Age 2 and is technically a spin off it’s nice to see a few familiar faces from Dragon Age 2 make an appearance, there are a few new features that haven’t been present in the previous games which made the whole experience great, such as weapon and armour crafting, I’d love to know how long I spent looking for various metals and hunting various animals in order to craft various things, and not to forget lots of Dragons to kill.

Aside for a few little glitches in some of the quests with the NPC’s falling through floors the game itself on whole was great; the combat in the Dragon Age games keeps getting better and smoother and the combat in Inquisition is amazing, with my warrior character I like to get in thick of it and cause holy hell with a hefty 2 handed weapon.

I love this game, and even after finishing it once I still love it.