Gamestyle Game of the Year 2014: Bradley

Velocity 2X

Every now and again, a title appears that will just live with you forever and in 2014 there were a few. Binding Of Isaac, Spelunky on Vita, Rogue Legacy, TxK, so many great titles. Yet after thinking about it for a little bit, there was one that just stood head and shoulders above the rest.


I was fortunate to get hold of the game a whole month before its official release so we could review it and it was my main game for that month and beyond, way beyond playing enough for the review and easily beyond release.

This was a game that stopped me playing other games I was meant to review, because it seemed flawless to me, everything about it was joyful, even points where I had to restart because I screwed up.

I will keep on calling this a ‘gamers game’ because that is what it feels like to me, a throwback to the old days where games were difficult, but fun, where part of the enjoyment was overcoming some difficult situations and being rewarded with something harder or more challenging, looking forward to meeting those next challenges.

What is even better is that so many would have got this game for ‘free’ as part of PS+ hopefully exposing it to a much larger audience than it would otherwise have been. There is DLC which adds more levels and I urge you to show support to Futurlab and buy those right now.

It is my game of the year for 2014, but I sure as hell will be playing it deep into 2015 too.