Gamestyle Game of the Year 2014: Adam

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition has further cemented Bioware as my favourite developer. I’ll be honest, I even quite enjoyed the much maligned Dragon Age 2, it wasn’t great, but it was okay if a little small in scope. Inquisition though is the complete opposite. As I said in my review, the small city where the majority of the action took place in Dragon Age 2 feels like an insignificant anthill compared to the scale of the world in Inquisition. A few bugs here and there (this is the PS4 version by the way) are forgiven as they’re not game breaking and compared to what else has arrived this year (DriveClub and Master Chief Collection I’m looking at you) they seem incredibly insignificant.

With so much content, after the first few hours my quest log was bursting at the seams, with each new land discovered even more adventure awaited me. And best of all, these are quests I wanted to complete. Not just out of some horrible need to hundred percent everything in the game, I wanted to help the people and play out my role as the leader of the Inquisition. People would often shout at me “get out of the Hinterlands!” But why? Yes, it’s essentially the starting area and the world outside is vast, but it was incredibly enjoyable just wandering around and helping out the people. You, as the Inquisition leader, felt exactly like that, a leader. Your comrades looked up to you and everything felt like it mattered, no matter how insignificant it was in the long run.

Combat was satisfying, characters were interesting and the main quest felt satisfying right through to the conclusion. It may not be the crown jewel in Bioware’s crown (that still belongs to Mass Effect 2), but this shows that they haven’t lost that magic.

It’s exciting that this is Biowares first foray onto the current gen platforms, because if this is the beginning then just imagine what they will be to accomplish later in this generations console lifespan.  Since it came out I’ve barely played anything else. It’s the ultimate time sink, and when I’m finally done with the core content, it’ll likely be DLC and expansion time. I think I need help.

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