Same old Gamestyle, fresh start.

Unfortunately, for the second time in Gamestyle’s history, we recently fell victim to hackers. The Gamestyle server was the target and it resulted in losing everything; the website source code and the database of content and users.

Of course, like any sensible website owners, we had backups of all our content and our code on a separate server. Alas, that was targeted too. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have a local copy of the database — only the source code — so we saw, overnight, around 13 years of video game reviews, previews, interviews, articles, and discussion wiped.

For those of us who have concentrated so much time and effort into making Gamestyle, it’s absolutely heart-breaking to see this happen. We don’t write about video games for money. Gamestyle is non-profit and stands as an ad-free alternative to the convoluted gaming journalism industry that exists today; a source for an impartial voice in the video game community, written by aspiring writers. It’s a shame that someone would want to try to destroy our efforts.

If you’re reading this as someone who is familiar with the website, thank you for supporting us throughout the years. Please be patient with us, as we sit here scraping the cache of Google, Bing, and the Wayback Machine, whilst we attempt to salvage what data we can from the past iteration of the website and restore what we can of the Gamestyle name.

Thanks to our friends at Thunderbolt Games — a site that stands on the same underlying principles of Gamestyle — for offering help when needed. Thanks also to all the previous writers from years gone by, for coming out of the shadows and offering up copies of content that was written for the site. With the collective team effort, together with a little time and elbow grease, we hope to have the site back on track once again.

It may not look like the Gamestyle you’re familiar with, but it will be made with the same passion and dedication of the past 13 years.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the hack, I fooking hate when people screw things for everyone else, especially when you’re independent and offering a great service for free without ads.

    It’s probably some little 12 year old prick trying to be a smartass.

    The new design seems really nice though, gonna have a look around.

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