Gamestyle isn’t dropping scores

First Joystiq, now Eurogamer. It seems that dropping review scores is the new fad in gaming media. A way for some sites to show they are serious and that they have integrity, that they ‘respect’ their readers, listeners, viewers, etc.

Well we at Gamestyle respect our followers, no matter how you get your content from us. We have been independent for 15 years and have never had anyone to answer to. We are keeping scores, because that is how we started, and it is how we are carrying on.

There are two things we should state though in this current climate.

1. We have no revenue or ad support

Why is this important? Well take a look at pretty much every other major outlet and you will notice something. They are full of ads, whether that be small banner ads, or full site sponsorship, there they are, getting in the way of your content. You then hear someone at some point telling you that using ad blockers makes you the scum of the earth, because how dare you want your content.

Well this is where we stand firm. We have no ads, it is you and your content, nothing more, nothing less. We actually generate no revenue, so there are no ads on our Youtube videos, or podcasts and certainly not on any written reviews or articles.

We may look at premium content and Patreon subscriptions one day, but that isn’t why we do this. We are here to provide you guys with content, just because we love what we do. There is no payment and no revenue coming into Gamestyle, which means we can be honest all the time. Whether you agree with our opinion is another debate altogether, but hey, it’d be dull if we all agreed right!

2. It’s about the individual

The one major change we have decided on, is that we are switching from third person reviews representing the site, to first person reviews, where what you get is the opinion of the writer themselves.

We did this because we don’t expect you to take in our opinions as a site wide thing, what one person thinks of a game, will differ from what another thinks. We don’t expect you to think this is just Gamestyle’s opinion. So we encourage you to look at who the author of a review is, build up a trust of one who may share your opinions of said games, rather than wondering, who had what opinion of a certain game.

We also encourage you to join in debate on our various social networks, which you can see linked at the very top of the site, but we will not tolerate abuse of an individual, because there is a difference between have a disagreement and outright abuse. Be decent to one another and remember we aren’t paid for this.

We are moving in various new directions that we hope are for the good of the site and will bring you even better content down the line. We hope that by remaining 100% independent, we can continue to offer honesty with whatever we write about.

Here’s to the next 15 years.

3 Replies to “Gamestyle isn’t dropping scores”

  1. Review scores are great for the consumer because they give a quick glance as to whether the game is any good or total nonsense. However, they’re a nightmare for writers and word-publishers because if you give a game a crap score, the Publishers go mad.

    I remember the old case of Killzone at Gamestyle. The review marked it at six (if I remember correctly) out of ten. The publishers weren’t happy because this knocked it down a peg-or-two in the GameRankings and Metacritic scores. They emailed asking if we’d change the score.

    We did not.

  2. Good to see GS sticking to their guns. Independence has always been its strength. I remember a review years ago where the CEO (?) emailed in after the review was published to complain about its score. A score which never changed, despite his protests. Nice to see the first person writing style has come in as well :-)

  3. One thing we will never do is bump a score because we have been asked to.

    With so many writers coming in now, we had to change to first person, because at the end of the day, it is nigh on impossible to a site wide similar opinion.

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