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Bradley has been part of the Gamestyle team since 2010 and has become a regular reviewer for the site. His passion is for Ice Hockey, both virtual and in the real world. That doesn't mean he is a one dimensional gamer, he'll pretty much play anything he gets his hands on.

Shadow Warrior Review


For every Oscar winning performance, you need a Adam Sandler movie. For every bit of Mozart, you need a Fast Food Song. And for every The Last Of Us, you need a Bulletstorm. What we are saying is that not everything needs to be serious and have a message behind it, sometimes if is ok to blow of steam and ... Read More »

Lords of the Fallen Review


Lords of the Fallen is an action adventure RPG designed to test your abilities to learn and adapt, a game that uses difficulty as a selling point… Or a Soulslike as games like this will likely be known if they keep churning them out at the rate they are.  It is no secret that Lords of the Fallen owes a ... Read More »

Race The Sun Review


There are some games that just seem to grab you instantly and Race The Sun is one of those. From the moment we laid eyes on it, it has been on our radar and now it is finally here. It is no surprise to learn that Gamestyle are big fans of Indie titles it is the one reason we are ... Read More »

Don’t Die, Mr Robot! Review


One of life’s lessons is that we should never judge a book by its cover and in the case of Don’t Die, Mr Robot that is certainly a very apt saying.  At first glance Don’t Die, Mr Robot looks like a student project, it looks like a game that will have poor controls, be clunky as hell and has little ... Read More »

Styx: Master of Shadows Review


If you have played Of Orcs an Men, then there is a chance you may be aware of a character named Styx. Well it has been decided that he is deserving of his own game away from the decent if flawed title he made his first appearance in.  Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth game based around infiltration as ... Read More »

Gamestyle Live – 22nd October 2014


We did it! We hosted our very first live show and moved Gamestyle into the modern era. We’d like to thank those of you who watched live and hope that you enjoyed the ramblings. We enjoyed it and hope to be back next week as this becomes a regular thing. If you missed the live show then fear not, as ... Read More »

Alien: Isolation Review


Alien: Isolation is an important game. It is important for one main reason.  The Alien franchise has been through the mire of late, with mediocre films and awful games. Alien: Isolation is the Dr Sam Beckett of videogames right now, with the chance to put right, that once went wrong.  Those who played the awful Alien: Colonial Marines would be ... Read More »

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review


Coming into Shadow of Mordor as someone who isn’t into the Middle Earth saga at all, felt a bit odd initially. Other games based around Middle Earth, such as the various Lord of the Rings titles have come across like they are for fans only, with the only exception being the LEGO games. However Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is ... Read More »

Natural Doctrine Review


Natural Doctrine from developers Kadokawa Shoten will be a game you will absolutely love, or want to avoid completely. This will be based purely on your love for the RPG and interesting battle systems. Immediately it is clear that this isn’t for the casual gamer, so if you are expecting a game to ease you into the genre, then you ... Read More »

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