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Bradley has been part of the Gamestyle team since 2010 and has become a regular reviewer for the site. His passion is for Ice Hockey, both virtual and in the real world. That doesn't mean he is a one dimensional gamer, he'll pretty much play anything he gets his hands on.

Gamestyle Live – 19th November 2014


Another week another episode of Gamestyle live. Bradley and Steve are joined by Jonny and even though we promise not to deviate… We do within the first minute. Because that is just how we roll. But we do talk about some game related things. We also wholeheartedly apologise for Bradley’s partner randomly swearing at Peggle throughout the episode. If you ... Read More »

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham


Look, if you like the previous LEGO games and you aren’t bored of them, then we will tell you right off the bat(man – sorry) that you will find a lot of entertainment from the third installment of the LEGO Batman series and the ten thousandth in the LEGO series as a whole. Well it isn’t quite that many, but ... Read More »

Never Alone Review


Indie games have a reputation, they are either adored by those who love them, or vilified by those who think they are somehow stopping the development of the next big budget game. We at Gamestyle have always maintained that a game is a game, no matter the budget, the graphics, the studio or the cost.  So this brings us to ... Read More »

BlazeRush Review


Believe it or not, there are still games coming out for the PS3, games that aren’t either on the PS4, nor the Vita. Games like BlazeRush, which in itself is a throwback to a genre that has seemingly been forgotten over the years. You see BlazeRush is survival, battle racing game. One that takes many influences from the likes of ... Read More »

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review


Depending on your age, how you look at Pro Evolution Soccer will differ somewhat. For younger audiences it is a pathetic old man that can no longer contain his bladder while talking to anyone who will listen about his supposed glory days. For the rest of us, we look at the same old man with pity and a hint of ... Read More »

Gamestyle Live – 12th November 2014


ABC Easy as 123 Or simple as Do re mi ABC, 123, baby, you and me girl!  We have made to to episode 3 and there are people watching still, so thank you for that. In this episode Steve and Bradley have a chat about stuff and things… All kicking off with console talk, but no fanboyism here. If you ... Read More »

Tales of Hearts R Review


The Playstation Vita. Cast aside by so many, the unwanted Christmas pet left to wander the streets. Luckily there are those who look at the handheld’s big soppy eyes and fall in love and are happy to give the delightful package of wonder a loving home. It in turn rewards those who do, as it becomes home to ‘Indies’ and ... Read More »

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review


Oh look, it is November. That can mean only one thing! The avalanche of holiday games is about to arrive and is usually signaled by the release of the latest Call Of Duty. And look! Here it is.Just another standard update to a long running series… …Or not. As the case may be with Advanced Warfare. There are two ways ... Read More »

Interview – Mike Daw (Don’t Die, Mr Robot!)


We recently reviewed the excellent Don’t Die, Mr Robot! A game that wasn’t on our radar initially until we got to play it. We then fell in love.   So, when the opportunity came up to have a chat with one of the games co-creators Mike Daw, we jumped at the chance. So below is our interview. You can check out ... Read More »

Gamestyle Live – 5th November 2014


So it wasn’t a complete disaster last time out. Which means we are back for another show.  In this episode, Bradley is joined by Steve and also briefly by Jonny. Unfortunately we lost Jonny early due to technical difficulties. But we pushed on like the troopers we are and tried to talk about all things positive in gaming. We think ... Read More »

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