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Bradley has been part of the Gamestyle team since 2010 and has become a regular reviewer for the site. His passion is for Ice Hockey, both virtual and in the real world. That doesn't mean he is a one dimensional gamer, he'll pretty much play anything he gets his hands on.

LEGO The Hobbit Review


Fact (not really a fact). There have been a thousand LEGO games released since 2012! Whilst that isn’t really true, it certainly feels like there have been a constant stream of new LEGO games, with The Hobbit being the third since the release of Next-Gen consoles in November 2013, following on from LEGO Marvel Superheroes and The LEGO Movie Videogame. ... Read More »

MLB 14: The Show Review


Baseball. It is America’s favourite game apparently and The Show has long been the best of the best for showcasing the sport on games consoles. Whilst the NBA 2K series has been the darling of gamers for how a sports game should be presented, it is the this series that has probably been the bench mark for a simulation of ... Read More »



APRIL 2014 – RENTON, WA – The time has come for gamers to Hunt Bigger Game. Wizards of the Coast today announced Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers, the latest installment for the popular Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise and the first version to release on the new next-generation gaming console, Xbox One. Starting this summer, Magic 2015 will put players at the centre of the action as the ... Read More »

New Child of Light Trailer Released


We at Gamestyle are very excited for Ubisoft’s upcoming Child of Light and you should be too. Everything about the game screams quality and shows off just how the UbiArt framework allows developers to unleash their creativity. Which can be seen perfectly in the World of Lemuria. Take a look at the latest trailer:   Read More »

Fez Review


Alomst every gamer must know about Fez. A game that was originally released on XBLA around two years ago and was a bit of a focal point of the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. It has been through a bit of a development hell and release dates were pushed further and further back. It got to a point where there ... Read More »

Plus Cast Episode 2


Recently I joined Barry from RLLMUK to take part in a new podcast focusing on Playstation Plus. Where we discuss the each month’s offerings and look ahead to what is coming up. As well as the benefits and effects of the service. There was an issue with episode 1, which will be forever lost, but episode 2 was a success. ... Read More »

Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Ultimate Edition Review


It is becoming a bit of a trend of late. The re-release of games with homes previously on PS3 and PS Vita, finding their way to the PS4. Flower, Flow, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan, all came around in 2013 and there is also the upcoming OlliOlli and Hotline Miami, both already on the PS Vita. Another to follow suit is ... Read More »

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Review


For many, their first introduction into the world of Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy VII, it came at the right time, on the right system and elevated the series to a whole other level. There have been many requests for a HD update, but the team at Square decided on Final Fantasy X and its sequel, X-2 for a bit ... Read More »

Steamworld Dig Review


So it begins. Indie games are finding releases for both Vita and PS4 at the same time and with Steamworld Dig, you have the added bonus of Cross-Buy, meaning pay once, get both versions. This is the glorious future of Indie gaming on the Playstation ecosystem. Steamworld Dig is a fascinating title, which is a cross between Spelunky and Mr ... Read More »

Luftrausers Review


It seems like an absolute age ago that Luftrausers was announced for the PS Vita and at the time it looked like the perfect fit, one of the titles that was part of the start of the Indie Revolution on Sony’s handheld. Since that time many, many Indie have come and gone and still no Luftrausers, to the point it ... Read More »

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