Borderlands Claptrap in a Box Edition

So normally I don’t buy into the whole “Oooo look at this awesome special edition” stuff but I have to say when I found out at the end of January about the Claptrap in a Box edition, which was being released with the Handsome Collection containing Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel, I was beyond excited.

No date was announced for pre-order, or where, or how much it was likely to bankrupt me so I was a little apprehensive whether we were likely to get one. After weeks of checking spam tweets from 2K Gaming I finally saw the announcement in mid-February that it was available for pre-order. I scurried over and my jaw nearly hit the floor: £289.99!

How desperate was I for a remote controlled Claptrap? After a 30 second internal debate of “Should I or shouldn’t I?” I decided to go for it (and ordered it using my husband’s credit card…).

Fast forward to the end of March when I received a huge box. I carefully unpackaged the outer packaging to reveal a shiny yellow and white box displaying my prize. I slowly opened the box breathing in the “new smell” (don’t mock me! I know it’s the first thing everyone does when they open a new game/DVD…honest…!) and removed the A4 lithographs of the Vault Hunters which were printed on high quality paper and held in their own folder. The images themselves aren’t too shabby and they wouldn’t look amiss framed and put up on the wall of a man-cave. There was also the limited edition tin which, let’s face it, have become so common these days that I tend not to see them as anything different from the norm.

So on to the Claptrap, who came in his own special Hyperion box. The details were exceptional, with the box looking like it had come straight out of the Borderlands. Even the polystyrene holding Claptrap in place was custom designed with Claptrap’s unit info “CL4P-TP” and more Hyperion branding.

Claptrap is made from a strong heavy duty plastic which I found a little disappointing as deep down I’d hoped, that for the cost, he would be metal. The arms are slotted into the holes under flaps in his sides and have no movement beyond being posed manually. The app needed to control him is downloadable from the app-store for iOS or Android – however if this is removed at a later date you will be unable to use your remote controlled buddy which is a little worrying. Using the app is hard on a small phone as you can’t see much of the view from his camera due to the function buttons. The control and view are not as responsive as I’d hoped (even though it had to be set-up on its own wi-fi network), however the different phrases are amusing whilst he’s whizzing around. There is also a stealth mode function which can be used whilst he’s sitting on your bookshelf to scare friends walking past by making him talk.

Overall it’s a nicely put together special edition with a lot of attention to detail in the packaging. However given the overall price tag for the plastic body, non-remote controlled arms and app that could eventually be unsupported, and with the limited other extras I have to go with…