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The Gamestyle Archive

Gamestyle Archive

Long time readers may already know the story, but Gamestyle has been the victim of two hacking incidents. Both times causing a lot of content to go up in smoke. The fact that we were originally a Dreamcast only site should tell you how long we’ve been going, and how much content would’ve been lost. The hacking took a lot ... Read More »

All-Star Baseball 2002 review

All Star Baseball 2002 screenshot

It's quite easy to sum up what we at Gamestyle know about rounders, it can be done in one word: nothing. However as I went to the Boardwalk & Baseball theme park in Florida a good few years back I was the most qualified to give judgement on the latest release from Acclaim. Read More »

Madden NFL 2001 review

Madden NFL 2001 screenshot

Remember when it was cool to follow American football? Back when it was on Channel 4 interest in the sport was at it peak, since the jump to satellite it has dwindled even though we have a European version but I've recently regained an interest. Perfect timing to pick up Madden and see how it plays but why should we care - its another annual EA update? Read More »

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