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The Gamestyle Archive

Gamestyle Archive

Long time readers may already know the story, but Gamestyle has been the victim of two hacking incidents. Both times causing a lot of content to go up in smoke. The fact that we were originally a Dreamcast only site should tell you how long we’ve been going, and how much content would’ve been lost. The hacking took a lot ... Read More »

Just Dance 4 review

Just Dance 4 screenshot (Nintendo Wii)

The Just Dance series stands alone as the go to part dance game across all consoles, making use of the various aspects of each console. Kinect on the 360, Move on the Playstation and the Wii remote on the Wii. The forth (main) entry in the series hopes to bring a load of new features, but is it worth the upgrade? Read More »

Geometry Wars: Galaxies review

Geometry Wars Galaxies

Everyone’s favourite fake retro shooter Geometry Wars has come a long from its origins as a humble mini game in Project Gotham Racing 2. When it was released on Xbox Live Arcade is was met with a kind of excited dizziness not normally seen in this day and age. The following transformation to a retail title raised a few eyebrows, but though we here at Gamestyle were unsure, we never really believed it would be allowed to fall short in terms of quality. Read More »

Guilty Gear Core review

Guilty Gear Core (Nintendo Wii)

Each generation represents a step away from the two dimensional genre, so its refreshing when a title such as Guilty Gear Core lands on Gamestyle’s desk. Beat ‘em ups nowadays are a pale imitation of what they once were and have become bloated, unresponsive, full of novelty characters and frankly dull in comparison to their forbearers. So can Guilty Gear Core continue the fight and show that such titles remain a viable option? Read More »

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